Wikileaks’ Clinton Speeches and Jihadis

Wikileaks’ Clinton Speeches and Jihadis

Wikileaks’ Clinton Speeches and Jihadis

Wikileaks dropped the Goldman Sachs speeches this morning and most of the speech excerpts are like…blah, blah, blah. I will let other legal and economic brainiacs translate her word vomit. I was intrigued by Qatar, money and Jihadis. Check out this quote that I copied from

If you look at what’s happening in Syria, it’s clearly a multiply leveled proxy battle. We’ve got Iran with their agents in Hezbollah, and they’re being taken on by indigenous rebels but increasingly a collection of Jihadists who are funded by the Saudis, funded by the Emiratis, funded by Qatar, and you have the Turks that were very active in the beginning, but then began to be concerned by some of the development inside Syria, particularly among the northern and northeastern Kurdish population in Syria.

Hillary and Qatari Sheik Hammad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani
Hillary and Qatari Sheik Hammad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani

You caught that right? The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding Jihadis in Syria. We have both regular military personnel and special forces in Syria trying to aid the Turkish military, as the Wall Street Journal reported last month.

Qatar is funding the people who are trying to kill our sons and daughters in Syria. Not to mention that these Jihadis are wiping out the Syrian Christian population. The oldest Christian Church in the World is in Syria.

And, just because the Qataris are so charitable and so are the Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Qataris wanted to give Bill Clinton a One Million Dollar Check ($1,000,000.00) to celebrate Bill’s birthday. The check was for the Clinton Money Laundering and Tax Avoidance Global Initiative.

Bill Clinton and Qatari Sheik Hamad bin Jassim....whatever.
Bill Clinton and Qatari Sheik Hamad bin Jassim….whatever.

Because taking money from people who are funding Jihadis to kill your fellow citizens isn’t like TREASON or anything.

Abby Huntsman of Fox News talked with Peter Schweizer author of “Clinton Cash” this morning.

Remember the poster that Sabo did of Hillary Clinton a few months back with the money sleeve tattoo on her arm. The money tattoo isn’t big enough and he needs to add “Treason” along with “Eugenics” and “Male Tears”.

Hillary Clinton by Sabo
Hillary Clinton by Sabo

Most importantly, the next time your loved one gets deployed to some Middle East Hell Hole, remember Qatar and Bill and Hillary and the Jihadis.

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