Whoops, sweet Caroline forgot to do her civic duty

Whoops, sweet Caroline forgot to do her civic duty

The Kennedy princess, who’s been touting her family name and and civic duty as reasons to make her a Senator, couldn’t even be bothered to do her civic duty and VOTE.

Caroline Kennedy, who’s making her case to succeed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, didn’t vote in several elections – including the 2005 mayoral primary and the 2002 general election, The Post has learned.

City Board of Elections records show the former first daughter also didn’t cast a ballot in the 1997 mayoral primary race and several other primaries since she registered at her current address as a Democrat in 1988, a Post review showed.

It’s still funny to me, this whole Carole Kennedy thing. People are saying that she should be voted in specifically because she’s a Kennedy… because of her DNA. And conservatives are shocked over this.

Me, not so much. Why should we be? We just elected a President on a platform of hope, change, and fairy dust, with no substance to be found anywhere. So why, then, should we expect any other Democrat to actually possess actual qualifications? If the President doesn’t need to be qualified for his job, why should Princess Caroline need to be?

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  • J David says:

    She was BORN to it, for cryin’ out loud! Hasn’t anyone heard of “Divine Right”? Stop bother the poor Princess!

  • I am about 30 years older than you, Cassie, and I will now disclose to you that during JFK’s administration, just about every heterosexual elementary school boy in America had the hots for Caroline Kennedy.

    Seems that some of my generation still, deep inside, find it quite difficult to let go of their old flame.

    As for me, I was well beyond Caroline by the time I was in junior high school.

  • spike says:

    i’m sorry, but every time i see a photo of princess caroline, the intro to ‘tales from they crypt’ gets stuck in my head…

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