What’s The Matter With Men: The Beam in Her Eye

What’s The Matter With Men: The Beam in Her Eye

What’s The Matter With Men: The Beam in Her Eye

We can’t go one day without a feminist lecture on the terrible state of men. Toxic masculinity? Make way for the click-bait! Serve up the hand-wringing! Let’s schedule more useless college courses!

Why are some men so terrible …

And what can we do about it?

The off-putting headline isn’t the only eye-roll in this NBC Think piece from Diane Barth, psychotherapist.

There are many different reasons for men’s “bad” behavior, as Anna Sale clearly pointed out in a special series of her podcast “Death, Sex, and Money.”

One of the difficulties, she told us, is that men are not so clear about what it means to be a good guy. She said, “We’re in a moment where what it means to be a man is shifting — and to some men, it feels like there are a lot of mixed messages floating around. As one man put it to us, there’s a very unclear set of expectations as far as how a man should behave.”

This is a surprise? Men are not only lectured in print, but the subject of “toxic masculinity” is ubiquitous on college campuses.

“Men behave badly,” says psychotherapist and author Joan Kavanaugh, “because they can.”

People behave badly when they can get away with it.

Men and women have toxic natures

Movie Poster Adam's Rib

The conceit of feminists in decrying masculine behavior is to ignore that The War Between the Sexes has been a topic for eons. From ancient Greek plays to television sitcoms, the differences between male and female nature is evident. Whether it is described as Mars v Venus or yin-yang, male and female each have their own nature they need pay attention to.

Women also can wield inordinate power and use it badly. Ask any supervisor if they’d rather have a mixed-sex staff or all women. In the boardroom or the bedroom, women have their own issues to solve in becoming Good Women.


Left-feminist Jessica Valenti, who never misses an opportunity to bash men, demands boys be raised in Feminist Culture. We must stomp out those budding patriarchs like so many nits, she cries.

Whether it’s misogynist terrorism, the rash of young men feeling sexually entitled to women or the persistent stereotype of “real men” as powerful and violent, it’s never been clearer that American boys are in desperate need of intervention.

Ms. Valenti is a misandrist hammer who sees all males as nails to be pounded into submission. It is bad enough that her brand of ‘feminism’ has turned young women into unhappy whiners. Her brand of female supremacy brooks no dissent.

This gap has made boys susceptible to misogynist hucksters peddling get-manly-quick platitudes and dangerous online extremist communities.

In the last year, for example, we’ve seen young Americans flock to the work of Jordan Peterson, a Canadian psychology professor and YouTube philosopher who’s made his name refusing to call students by their preferred pronouns and suggesting that men are in charge because they’re just better suited for it.

This libelous assertion easily demonstrates Ms. Valenti’s own toxic nature.

As Stacy McCain states

Jessica Valenti is dishonest in pretending she wants to “help” boys. She hates your sons. She wants them to be as miserable as she is. Her ideas about “intervention” — a “feminist culture for boys” — are simply about teaching boys to cooperate in their own destruction.

The real struggle is within ourselves

Boy and girl

Who are we to blame for our misfortune? Our boss? Our parents? White, straight males? The Patriarchy? If you are a Leftist, it is always that guy over there who is responsible. However, our biggest struggle each day is with ourselves. Basic human nature looks for the easy way out. That is true of men and women. Men have to struggle with their nature to assert physical power. Women have to struggle with their nature to assert emotional power. We need to recognize our own flaws before lecturing others on theirs.

That is the first step in being a better individual.

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  • Kate says:

    Clap. Clap. Clap.

  • Scott says:

    Well stated… sadly it fits the views of at least one of my sisters to a “T” (which may be why she’s such a hateful shrew, once divorced, and unlikely to ever again find a man wiling to put up with her psychotic bullshit….

  • Toni Williams says:

    Darleen – I love, love, love this so much. But then I raised a trained killer for Uncle Sam and my husband and I are happy together. Clearly we are warped and I am a victim of the patriarchy.
    I’ll just keep being happy.


  • Manfred Gooseberry says:

    Every married guy I know is unhappy. Trying to escape to their mancave corner and lick their wounds. Loud music and rock and roll? Yea right.
    My dad says it is American women and really talks trash about them from Thailand.
    I tell him that not everyone wants a geisha girl and that I am not mad at him for being married to the army for all those years.
    Luckily my generation laughs at marriage and that there is someone out there just for you horseshit.

    • Russ Wood says:

      Been married for 40 years, and we’ve recently retired. And current recipe for content at home (if you can afford it)? Separate bathrooms (no more queueing) and separate ‘studies’ so we can do our own stuff. My wife has lots of messy hobbies, most of which involve glue and a lot of spread out stuff. Me – I’ve got loads and loads of books, and my internet computer. OK – not everyone can find an affordable retirement place with these features, but as the old saying goes “Absinthe – sorry Absence – makes the heart grow fonder”

  • Jim says:

    As a young and inexperienced [co-ed] high school teacher whose own schooling was in a private single sex school I was horrified at the viciousness of the female teenage peer group towards its own members. Certainly there were male students who were brutish as times, but, when male teachers called them to order directly the lads were much more likely to respond correctly. The girls, however, were a different matter and used psychological assault with great subtlety to destroy their female peers, no matter how senior women teachers tried to control them. Having later worked in the education/welfare/disability bureaucracy where women dominate I have seen the same patterns of ”toxic” female behaviour, especially when there are issues of career advancement and status in the balance. The good matrons take no prisoners and use any method to destroy their opponents – especially if they are good looking and competent young women.

  • GWB says:

    Ms. Valenti is a misandrist hammer who sees all males as nails to be pounded into submission.
    That phrase made me flinch and cover myself.

    And Stacy McCain nailed it errrr…. got it exactly right.

    So did you, Darleen.

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