Westminster Attacker ‘British Born’ but Dead Are Still Dead

Westminster Attacker ‘British Born’ but Dead Are Still Dead

Westminster Attacker ‘British Born’ but Dead Are Still Dead

British Prime Minister Theresa May addressed Parliament today and announced that the man who attacked in Westminster yesterday was “British born” and known to the authorities, as reported by the UK Guardian. The Guardian headline comes from this portion of PM May’s statement:

What I can confirm is the man was British born and that some years ago he was once investigated by MI5 in relation to concerns about violent extremism. He was a peripheral figure. The case is historic. He is not part of the current intelligence picture.

There was no prior intelligence of his intent or the plot. Intensive investigations continue …

The armed first responders at Westminster yesterday

One might be tempted to ask questions about “investigated by MI5” and “concerns about violent extremism”. He is “not part of the current intelligence picture” because he assumed room temperature yesterday thanks to the bullets inserted into him by British police.

The Twitterverse heard “British born” and assumed “racism” and “Trump”.

The dead guy may have been “British born” but I bet he wasn’t the son of an account assistant from Coventry engaged in extremism with the Church of England. Interesting co-inkydink, the Washington Post just reported that:

Shortly after May spoke, the Islamic State-linked news site Amaq carried a statement calling the attacker a “soldier” of the group’s self-proclaimed caliphate. British authorities have announced no links between the suspect and the Islamic State, but the militant group has often asserted ties to various attacks around the world.

It doesn’t matter where the guy was born. He is not British in the umbrella and bowler hat, Church of England, tea and scones fashion. There are many races, colors and creeds in Britain that are British. Then, there are those who will never assimilate and despise the culture where they live.

PC Keith Palmer

The fact that the murderer was “British born” doesn’t make the British cop any less dead. Keith Palmer was a 48 year old father of three with fifteen years service when he was killed by the “British born” murderer. PC Palmer was unarmed when he was stabbed to death. Three others are dead and seven more are gravely injured. The dead are not less dead and the injured will not recover more quickly because their murderer was “British born”.

Member of Parliament James Cleverly paid tribute to his friend, PC Keith Palmer.

The greatest tribute that PM May, MP Cleverly and the rest of the British government could pay to PC Palmer would be to close the borders, begin extreme vetting, crack down on radical mosques and arm the police.

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