Washington Times Sues DHS for Unlawful Seizures of Investigative Reporting Notes

Washington Times Sues DHS for Unlawful Seizures of Investigative Reporting Notes

In 2005, Audrey Hudson wrote a series of articles about the Federal Air Marshal Service, pointing out that they were actually protecting less than 10% of domestic flights in 2004—hardly what was expected in a post-9/11 commercial aviation industry from an agency tasked with protecting the skies.  It was just another series of articles pointing out government misconduct.  No real news.  We’re so used to it now.

In August 2013, Hudson had her home searched by federal agents from Homeland Security and the Maryland State Police, who were serving a search warrant that allowed them to look for information about guns and a potato launcher that her husband allegedly owned.  Interestingly enough, the feds also searched her office, and seized piles of information having nothing to do with her husband’s case—or what was legally allowed under the warrant—and everything to do with the stories she had written in 2005.

Think I’m crazy?  Think again.  DHS took her notes, the identities of her sources, and other information.  Please note that during the search, one of the investigators specifically asked her if she was the one who wrote the articles about the air marshals.  Why would he ask that? Because the Air Marshals Service is part of DHS…and that investigator used to work for the Marshal Service.  What her notes from a story 8 years old would possibly have to do with whether her husband had a potato launcher remains to be seen.  Someone also signed her notes out of the evidence lockup for an hour.  Where did they go?  What was done with them?  No idea…but they’re refusing to talk about their “ongoing investigation.”  Funny thing about that—everything they seized was about an investigation done of them.

The Washington Times has filed suit against DHS for their actions.  Doubtful anything will come of it.  It seems that the government is in full tyranny mode now.  It doesn’t matter what they do—there is no longer any accountability, no reckoning.

That part, sadly, is left up to us.

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