Was the Story of Ahmed Mohammed and His Clock a Hoax?

Was the Story of Ahmed Mohammed and His Clock a Hoax?

Was the Story of Ahmed Mohammed and His Clock a Hoax?

Remember this past week’s story of Ahmed Mohammed, the beleaguered little 14-year-old genius kid who built a clock and took it to school, only to be arrested because his Islamophobic teachers thought he had built a bomb?

Ahmed Mohammed and his ‘clock.’ Credit: nbclosangeles.com

Well, according to the sleuths at Right Scoop, this entire story may have been a fabrication and a set-up all along. It appears that he didn’t even make a clock! Basically what innocent little Ahmed did was to buy an old clock, rip out the insides out of it, stuff it into another box, and head off to school.

This is the eBay listing for the clock, a 1970’s vintage Micronta alarm clock. Micronta was a subsidiary of Radio Shack.

I am no tech geek, but this video can explain to even the most technically obtuse of us how Ahmed might have pulled off a hoax.

So why would Ahmed pull this off?

Pamela Geller has done some checking on Ahmed’s father, and discovered that dear old dad — Mohamed ElHassan Mohamed — has a history of trying to make a name for himself as a pro-Muslim activist. In 2011 he acted as a ‘defense attorney’ for the Koran in a debate with the anti-Islamic Florida pastor Terry Jones. In that same year he also debated well-known Islamic critic Robert Spencer on the question “Does Islam Respect Human Rights?” Clearly this man has a mission, and he may have used his teenage son to set up a little agitprop.

But President Obama, never one to ignore an opportunity to lecture the nation on how Islamophobic we are, invited Ahmed to the White House.

A Muslim writer at Huffington Post wrote breathlessly that Ahmed didn’t just make a clock, he made a time machine!

And Ruth Nasrullah at the Washington Post huffed that Ahmed Mohammed was owed an apology!

Once again, the media — and President Obama — just might have egg all over their collective faces. Too bad they’ll never acknowledge any possible error. It wouldn’t fit the politically correct narrative, now, would it?

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