WaPo Foams At The Mouth Anticipating Pence’s Lack of “Fealty”

WaPo Foams At The Mouth Anticipating Pence’s Lack of “Fealty”

WaPo Foams At The Mouth Anticipating Pence’s Lack of “Fealty”

Media outlets and journalists are foaming and frothing at the mouth for when Vice President Mike Pence certifies the vote today. WaPo is no exception. They are downright giddy.

In what has been dubbed as Pence’s “final performance”, as he will preside over the certification of the electoral college vote-a job that is largely ceremonial in nature. The media? Well, they are eating this up because for four years, Pence has been a “loyal servant” of Trump, promising his “fealty”. Years and years of fealty at that, says WaPo.

The role of Pence, who will preside over the certification, is largely ceremonial, one of the few official duties of the vice president in his capacity as president of the Senate. But Trump’s continued and baseless insistence that he won the 2020 presidential election has thrust Pence into a vise between the Constitution he swore to uphold and the president he has promised his fealty.”-Ashley Parker and Josh Dawsey, The Washington Post

(Cue in dramatic music here and pass the popcorn)…will Pence acknowledge his fealty to President Trump or will he uphold the Constitution? Because democracy dies in the darkness and WaPo‘s writers want to uphold that ahem, “democracy”. How do they do this? With their explicit choice of wording, I’d say:

Allies marvel that even in private, they have never seen Pence so much as raise an eyebrow at Trump’s dark antics — which include becoming only the third president ever to be impeached and so bungling the coronavirus pandemic that more than 350,000 Americans have died on his watch.”-WaPo

A pandemic that has been so bungled. Objective, unbiased journalism right there from WaPo, folks. We’re sure Biden and Harris will fix all of this tout-suite. Something tells me when it comes to bungling, that we’ve ain’t seen nothing yet.

Did Trump back Pence into a corner publicly? Yes. But the presence of the Vice President during the electoral college certification is merely ceremonial. Pence has no power in this process and he voiced this piece of information to the President. This is what it is. It has nothing to do with the “lack of fealty” (interesting choice of wording, if you ask me) on behalf of the Vice President. This is not a story of the loyal servant turning his back on his “lord and master”, as WaPo wants to paint this. Trust me when I say the media wants a coup. They want all hell to break loose. They want any and all Conservative leadership to look like sore losers as that vote gets certified and they want to gloat publicly.

Pence is, in essence, partaking in a roll-call as states call out their votes. That is it. No lamenting on his “fealty” to The President. As illegitimate as one thinks this vote certification may be, Pence’s job is not to call this election in favor of Trump. For results to be overturned, both the House and the Senate would have to agree to do so. And because the House is controlled by the Democrats, we know this is simply not going to happen.

The journalistic machine that makes up WaPo, NYT and pretty much every liberal media outlet will continue to paint Trump and Pence as villains and will pit them against each other. How can you trust another Republican? See? They turn on themselves! This will be the very narrative they set up. They are setting this up already. This is no monumental issue that the Vice President needs to grapple with. The electoral college vote certification is the same as it ever was, same as it ever was. Ceremonial.

The problem with WaPo and NYT (and a slew of other media outlets) is their ability to distract.They were the ones who called this election, remember? They did so before battleground states completely counted their votes. Now, they want to pin the fate of the election on the Vice President? Talk about a bunch of drama queens! Mike Pence has been a rational voice and a loyal supporter to a very vocal President who, although a bit bombastic at times, challenged the status quo in Washington. This is not on Pence but rather on the Tom Cottons who will throw their hands up and the Liz Cheneys who called the challenge “exceptionally dangerous“.

What’s dangerous are the details that are overlooked here. The “breaking news” that the Vice President of The United States has the power to determine the fate of this (ill-fated) election is suddenly “breaking news”? Newsflash: He doesn’t. The Vice-President never had that power. Is Pence really under pressure from Trump to show “fealty” or is this more manufactured, wishful-thinking from our friends at WaPo? Oh, but upholding the Constitution and democracy is paramount to our friends, the journalists, apparently. They’re worried about Pence upholding the Constitution? Really? Excuse me while I grab my barf bag. The real question they should be asking should be how on Earth the Biden/Harris administration is going to uphold US for the next few years? Fear not, fellow Americans. We’ll see nothing but softball questions and sworn loyalties (AKA fealty) going in to 2024. Can hardly wait.

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