Virginia Teachers To “Woke-Wash” the 9-11 Attacks

Virginia Teachers To “Woke-Wash” the 9-11 Attacks

Virginia Teachers To “Woke-Wash” the 9-11 Attacks

Virginia Department of Education has a two-hour training video in order to get their teachers to hollow-out and rewrite the events of 9-11. This cynically entitled “sensitivity training” is akin to not mentioning communism while teaching about the Holodomor least we hurt the widdle feelings of the peaceful socialist practitioners.

The Virginia Department of Education have been slammed for a teacher training video which instructs teachers to avoid calling the 9/11 killers ‘terrorists’, and to avoid promoting ‘American exceptionalism’ during lessons about the attacks.(snip)

The video training advised teachers to avoid the ‘false assumption of Muslim responsibility for 9/11,’ anti-Muslim rhetoric, analyses of US foreign policies, and American exceptionalism

Oh, this is my shocked face that this sensitivity training is also instilling anti-American sentiments regardless of how insensitive it is to, you know, Americans. I mean, it lasts two hours and how long can you dwell on how wrong everyone is about 9-11, and if you mention Muslims you’re raaaaacist! ???

Who are we to believe? Lecturer and woke-wash extraordinare Amaarah DeCuir or our lyin’ eyes?

Amaarah DeCuir
Amaarah DeCuir from VDOE video screenshot

Wait, what? We are being treated to No True Muslim harangues from some female in a hajib? And not just No True Muslim but

‘We’re not going to reproduce a false assumption of Muslim responsibility for 9/11. We’re just going to begin right there and name that there is no responsibility and therefore we’re not going to use this space to try and untangle this.’

Oh dear Allah, it was bad enough when Islamofascist Congresscritter Ilhan Omar did a dismissive of the 9/11 attacks as “Some people did something”, now we have this taqiyya twatwaffle asserting “Nobody did nothin'”.

This is woke-wash with a heaping side order of gaslight.

Let’s be perfectly clear. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but there is a significant portion of the Muslim faith* dedicated to violent jihad. The 19 terrorists of 9-11 were Muslim as were Nidal Hasan, Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, and countless suicide bombers who mutter Allah Akbar before blowing themselves to bits in the delusion that dying while murdering “unbelievers” gets them a crack at Muhammad’s heavenly version of Victoria Secret Angels, Model Virgin 1.0.

At least there is a parent organization going after Virginia Dept. of Education (VDOE) in this instance.

However, VDOE disclaimers on a video they posted on their site that these are merely the personal opinions of DeCuir don’t pass the smell test. Someone or ones gave a thumbs-up to this content. It shouldn’t have had to be discovered by parents. There should have never been a controversy or media coverage or scrambling to try and correct the record.

The views are so ugly and outrageous they should have been rejected out-of-hand. This is like school districts shocked when its revealed they have Antifa or CRT teachers proudly posting TikTok videos on their gleeful political indoctrination of their students.

We are not buying the feigned innocence, people. You’ve encouraged and promoted this woke-wash fraud for a long time. Parents are not going to put up with it. At least the rational, brave American ones.

I only wonder how many of them are left.

*once more for the people in the nose-bleed seats – “Muslim” isn’t a “race”.

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  • GWB says:

    One of the most pernicious lies told in the last 30 years is “Islam doesn’t endorse terrorism” or “Islam is a religion of peace.” Islam, when practiced in accordance with the prophet’s writings and those of his successors is inherently violent and oppressive – unless you convert. (Then it’s merely oppressive.)

    Yes, ISLAM was the cause of September 11. It was the motivating factor for those involved, and their desire was to kill infidels in job lots to force a capitulation of the West. That is called “terrorism“.

  • Tom says:

    “… if you mention Muslims you’re raaaaacist!”
    Somebody help me out here. When did Muslims became a race?

  • American Human says:

    Okay, I agree that not all Muslims are terrorists. It’s a small percentage of them, right? if there are about 1.2 billion Muslims and a small percentage, say 10%, are terrorists, then that would be 120,000,000. If they were their own country they would be right about the 11th most populous country in the world right next to Mexico.

  • […] course, we should not ever engage in any kind of trying to soften what happened. Either “woke-washing” or just perfunctory acknowledgement before moving on. The fallen of the day – at the World Trade […]

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