V.P. of Groping: Joe Biden Habitually Touches Women and Girls

V.P. of Groping: Joe Biden Habitually Touches Women and Girls

V.P. of Groping: Joe Biden Habitually Touches Women and Girls

Back in the late 90’s I worked for a man who brokered real estate deals. I was sort of like a Gal Friday who made sure he kept his appointments, filed paperwork for closings, you know, all the boring stuff he didn’t want to do. It was a perfectly fine job, and paid pretty well for the small town in which I lived and attended college. Fast forward. Even though I needed the money, I quit the job after a relatively short stint. Why? Because he made me uncomfortable. Because he would occasionally, briefly, massage my shoulders, or put his arm around me, or say things that I interpreted as flirting. He even showed up at my home one day when I was ill with the flu. At first I thought it was just me…until I found out it wasn’t. He made other female employees uncomfortable, too. He was eventually arrested for holding an underage girl in a room, against her will, after a night of drinking. I kept it to myself that I wasn’t really surprised. That was just days before I tendered my resignation.

The most-recent Grope Heard Round the World. Photo Credit Washington Times.
The most-recent Grope Heard Round the World. Photos Courtesy Washington Times

The photos of Vice President Joe Biden groping women and girls are both gag-inducing and worthy of ridicule. The latest is the now-viral pic of the swearing-in of gazillionth SecDef Ashton Carter, whose wife, Stephanie, is standing beside him being publicly mauled by said Vice President of the United States. But they are also cringe-worthy, and angering, to women like me who have experienced sexual harassment. What’s even more infuriating are the inevitable excuses from the Left, and the sycophantic media, that always follow Biden’s “gaffes.”

Joe Biden is literally a heartbeat away from the presidency, and belongs to a party who consistently claims—erroneously, of course—a “War on Women” being waged by those of us on the conservative side of the spectrum. And he’s certainly giving Mr. Hillary Clinton—the General, if you will, of said War on Women, who has an affinity for secret airplane rides—a run for his money in the Democrat Men’s Grabby Letch Department. In case you need a refresher on Uncle Joe’s History of Women-And-Girl-Groping:

Biden 2

Biden 6

Biden 3

Biden 4

Seriously, can a respectful, congratulatory handshake not suffice?

And my personal favorite, the unamused men friends:

Biden 5

Gross. And those are just a handful of his “gaffes.” Now imagine an “R” after his name and the ensuing media pile-on. It’d be career-ending. But not for Uncle Joe. No, he’s just being friendly and “one of the folks.”

Check out the discussion about the Grope Heard Round the World on The Refinery, a conservative collaborative:

Absolutely spot-on.

The “me” from the 1990’s, unfortunately, didn’t possess the assertiveness the “me” of today does, the one who’d kick a pawing Joe Biden square in the nether regions. It’s the advice I’d give any woman he (or any other creeper) dares lay his hands on unwelcomingly, particularly the underage girls that are apparently not off limits to him, either.

Newsflash, Joe: What you’re doing is called Sexual Harassment, and it’s not about “affection;” it’s about power, dominance, and intimidation. And you need to knock it the hell off. One day, you’re going to run into someone like me—or worse—who won’t be so keen on tolerating your “hugs.”

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  • Xavier says:

    Any regular citizen who behaved the way this old lecher does would have been in jail long ago, but the same liberal media who are committed to ‘raising awareness’ of fabricated sexual harassment on campus will continue to ignore Slow Joe’s behavior or write it off as overenthusiastic friendliness. I guess we should be thankful the pervert isn’t a stalker. Yet.

  • John Sarich says:

    If the CEO or high ranking officer of a business of any size did what Biden did to Stephanie Carter they would be axed in a matter o seconds. As soon as the pics hit the airwaves that exec would be history. And rightfully so. Harassment is about power. And Joe is showing the world that he as the juice. I have to wonder what his wife had to say to him after this most recent exhibit of classlessness.

  • TMR says:

    You know as “EVIL” as the lefties made former VP Richard Cheney out to be, I never saw him act this way towards anyone’s wife or daughter.

    It just goes to show that Biden he has zero respect for women. (I wonder if he acts this way around the Sasha and Malia?)

    My oldest daughter saw this and said, “He is definitely a pervert.”

  • Denise says:

    iI Have had this happen to me more times than I can count. It makes me cringe. Losers back off. I don’t want your grimmy hands on me.

  • GWB says:

    Oh, come on! You ladies know that you would give in if this studly master of the universe put his hands on you! What you’re seeing isn’t cringing, it’s melting! I mean, you call him Slow Joe, and every woman wants a man with slow hands, am I right?!

  • JD says:

    A good friend of mine interned with him. He says it’s not a thing with just women… he’s touchy and a close-talker with men as well.

    I’m certainly OK with calling out creepsters, but in this case it seems to be much more a case of someone lacking the ability to recognize desires for personal space.

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