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Union thugs attack construction workers with bats at Toys R Us

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Union thugs attack construction workers with bats at Toys R Us

There’s a reason we call them union thugs. There’s a reason unions have such a bad name. Here’s a prime example: union workers were protesting at the construction site of what will be a Toys R Us. Two construction trucks had their windows blown out, and two people were beaten with baseball bats.

Officers responded at 7:10 a.m. Wednesday to the King of Prussia Plaza area of Mall Boulevard for reports that union protestors were blocking the entranceway to the new Toys R Us building site. While en route, an assault was reported in the mall parking lot.

Upon arrival, police found two construction trucks with their rear windows completely shattered, and one victim bleeding from the head. The victims said they were blocked by numerous union protesters from entering the construction site, and so they drove to the mall area to await police assistance.

A short time later, a black sedan pulled up and several men exited with baseball bats, ran up to the two trucks and repeatedly slammed the bats into the windows. As the workers exited the trucks, at least two were then physically assaulted with the baseball bats, and one victim had to be hospitalized. Another victim was able to use his cell phone to photograph the assailants and their vehicle.

Police said the construction site is being protested by Local 401 of the Iron Workers Union.

The victims are not union members, and, shockingly enough, this isn’t the first incident involving the union protestors. And even more shocking — the union is denying any knowledge of who the assaulters are. But, hmm, let’s think: the union protestors were blocking the entrance into the construction site. The non-union workers had called the police and were basically trying to escape from the union thugs, only to have to be attacked. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. And, as pointed out by Big Government, violence from union thugs is nothing new. In fact, it’s quite common.

These men were doing nothing more than trying to earn a living. But because they had the audacity to not be members of the union, they were beaten with baseball bats. One was sent to the hospital. And in a time when we have unemployment at a 30 year high, we’ve also got union thugs assaulting people… for working.

And don’t forget, Obama is all for unions. As Van Helsing says, if Obama gets his way we’ll have lots more of these thugs running around.

By now we all know that Comrade Obama is in very tight with the unions — so tight that he discarded the rule of law to favor the UAW at the expense of secured creditors when he seized control of Chrysler. If he is able to ram Card Check through Congress, unions will have an opportunity to use coercive tactics to take over most every workplace in America. What kind of country will this be if that happens?

We’re seeing right now what kind of country this will be if that happens. SEIU thugs terrifying the son of a Bank of America executive at his home. Union goons assaulting construction workers at a Toys R Us. Welcome to your hope-n-change, folks.

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  • TXMarko says:

    Baseball bats are no match for guns.

    Just sayin’.

  • Smithwick says:

    Ah unions, standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves (due to their kneecaps being shattered by those same unions).

  • Jewels says:

    TXMarko Says:
    Baseball bats are no match for guns.


    Agreed. I wonder what the liberal state of PA’s laws are about gun ownership and use of a weapon in defense?

  • Tom Wolff says:

    Having been a contractor for over 27 years, I think I can write with complete authority on this matter. My guys, as well as myself, always
    have firepower in our trucks. We also know the cops who patrol the areas that secure any of our jobsites. Hmmm…

    I WISH some union POS wimps would come to one of our sites. We ain’t had no excitement fer a while, and target practice is ALWAYS fun.

    Run up and break some windows with a bat? LMAO! You better be able to run away faster than 800/1200/3200 FPS.

  • Justin says:

    If the construction workers were to defend themselves with guns, we’d just hear about how some tea party rednecks butchered some poor upstanding union members who were just on their way to play a game of baseball with quadriplegic albino cancer victims.

  • I R A Darth Aggie says:

    quadriplegic lesbian albino cancer victims

    FIFY. You’re welcome.

  • Russ says:

    As for PA laws, there are no special licenses or restrictions on owning a gun, just the standard background check when buying.
    Concealed carry license is easy to get, in fact, much easier to get than in most states with carry licenses. Only requires a 2-3 day background check by local PD and sheriff, no classes, training, or qualifying.
    No castle doctrine though, so you have to try to flee first, even from your own home.

  • ZZMike says:

    The price of freedom is constant vigilance.
    Forewarned is forearmed.

    If indeed the union “has no knowledge” of these guys, they can’t complain when the next set leaves the site in ambulances.

  • fred says:

    All u guys should go snort some oxys like Rush

  • Justin says:

    I haven’t angered a local union lately, so I highly doubt I’ll be needing that Oxy. Thanks for the offer though, Fred.

  • Ironmonger says:

    “fred Says:

    All u guys should go snort some oxys like Rush”

    HA! Hahahahaha! That has to be the most amusingly pathetic attempt at a snappy comeback I have ever seen. I know three-year-olds with quicker, more prescient wits.

    Really Fred, excuse me, fred (for you certainly have earned the lower case f), but if you want to contribute to the topic, you should try to stay on topic and say something… intelligent. Until then, I think it best you go back to the kiddie table and plug that pacifier back in until Unca Obammy can come along and change that soiled diaper of yours.

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