More Planes And Bombs Sent To Israel, Protestors Will Be Triggered BIGLY

More Planes And Bombs Sent To Israel, Protestors Will Be Triggered BIGLY

More Planes And Bombs Sent To Israel, Protestors Will Be Triggered BIGLY

This will trigger the pro-Palestine protesters BIGLY. Despite what the DoD said earlier in week, the U.S. has decided to send more planes and bombs to Israel.

The U.S. in recent days authorized the transfer of billions of dollars worth of bombs and fighter jets to Israel, two sources familiar with the effort said on Friday, even as Washington publicly expresses concerns about an anticipated Israeli military offensive in Rafah.

Uh oh… Can you imagine what the protestors outside and in Biden’s uber elite “grassroots” event with Obama and Clinton would’ve done if they’d known about that decision THEN? 

Especially if they’d known the details of this latest move.

The new arms packages include more than 1,800 MK84 2,000-pound bombs and 500 MK82 500-pound bombs, according to Pentagon and State Department officials familiar with the matter. The 2,000-pound bombs have been linked to previous mass-casualty events throughout Israel’s military campaign in Gaza. These officials, like some others, spoke to The Washington Post on the condition of anonymity because recent authorizations have not been disclosed publicly.

Except, this latest decision wasn’t actually a one-off made just this week. It actually stems from decisions made YEARS ago, as in 2008, by…Congress. 

“We are unable to confirm potential or pending U.S. arms transfers before they are formally notified to Congress,” a State Department spokesperson told the Washington Examiner, adding, “In accordance with the Arms Export Control Act, fulfilling an authorization from one notification to Congress can result in dozens of individual [Foreign Military Sales] cases across the decadeslong life cycle of the congressional notification.”

That will not matter to all the pro-Gaza/Hamas/Palestine shrieking harpies though. According to them, no matter any contractual or Congressional agreement, all aid to Israel must come to a screeching halt. As in, right ‘EFFING NOW.’ 

Except boys and girls, that is not how this works. You’d know that if you’d ever had to abide by contractual obligations. You’d also know that this would still happen even if there are political disagreements as to how Israel is running their war against the Hamas terrorists who brutally murdered, raped, and beheaded men, women, and children on October 7. You’d know that if you dared face reality that Hamas did and IS using hospitals as shields and staging ground for their terrorist acts. 

Israel will continue to go after Hamas and defend themselves against terrorism from all sides. And yes, Hezbollah has been flexing their muscles quite a bit this last week. That said, the U.S. along with the UN is trying to tell Israel to back off. 

Oh, but they won’t. Instead, we will be treated to more children staging asinine sit-ins on college campuses where their tuition is $84,000 per year. Yes, I’m talking about the childish antics of the Vandy students who even called 911 because one of their little friends had a momentary issue with a tampon. Yes, a freaking tampon. 

Here’s what went down: during one of those 21.5 hours of the protest, probably at an ungodly one, a few of the student demonstrators decided to call 911. That’s because their friend, who was part of the sit-in, had to change her tampon.

Specifically, she was “being denied the right to change her tampon that has been in for multiple hours, which leads to an increased risk of toxic shock syndrome.”

The frankly Zen-like 911 operator, who deserves a raise, was understandably confused. “Ma’am, do you have an emergency?”

Um, yes?! The student on the phone requests urgent medical assistance.

“You’re telling me your friend in Kirkland needs an ambulance. Is that what you’re telling me?”

Forget about suspending them, all protestors should’ve been expelled. Instead, they pontificated about how their 21.5 (yes, better make sure to include that extra 30 minutes) hours of protest was the very worst of OPPRESSION that anyone in the world has ever experienced. 

Let me tell you about oppression. It is the hostages who’ve been held captive (if they are still alive) by Hamas for over SIX MONTHS. It’s those who were dragged into the prison camps and suffered for YEARS during the Holocaust. 

You and your whiny little spoiled brat friends were only inconvenienced for a few measly hours. So go suck an egg. 

If they ever got a genuine glimpse of what oppression and cruelty is, their little brains would melt immediately. 

But you can damned well bet that all protestors in the pro-Gaza/Hamas camp will be gathering their resources and be out in force at any and all future Biden campaign events. Or, show themselves to be clowns with this stunt.

Good grief. 

As I said the other day, these are the current and potential voters that Biden NEEDS to prevail in November. 

This latest move won’t help the Biden campaign one bit, and that’s a good thing. 

Feature Photo Credit: Major Ofer Of Israeli Air Force flying Lockheed F-35i

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