Two more reminders that the Internet is Not Private

Two more reminders that the Internet is Not Private

Two more reminders that the Internet is Not Private

The internet is not private and your video and tweets are out there for everyone to see. A Fresno State Professor (she called herself that) and a Professional Fraternity in Syracuse are learning how true this is.

Private videos do leak. Tweets are retweeted. And your current and future employers read what you put out there folks. All the time. And guess what? People read and retweet or share what you have. Private online is anything but private. This is not your diary with a lock and key. And what stupid you say and do in the dark has a funny way of re-appearing. Here are two examples to not follow for students, professors and administrators.

Theta Tau Fraternity has a problem because some of the bros at Syracuse posted a video. The Daily Orange student paper got a hold of the video and published it. Which created a firestorm for these foolish “Bros.”

In recordings obtained by The Daily Orange showing the videos, which were filmed in Theta Tau’s house, a person forces another person to his knees and asks him to repeat an “oath” including racial slurs.

Gee doesn’t that just make you want to spend $65,000 a year to send your kiddo to Syracuse? The fraternity is doing damage control and this chapter is suspended. Actions have consequences kids. But it is not just students acting the fool. On the west coast, we have professors going full potato.

Fresno State has a tenured professor named Randa Jarrar. She tweeted a disgraceful comment about Barbara Bush. And here is VG’s post addressing her yesterday. Ms. Randa Jarrar continued on her march to the unemployment office by taunting her critics and generally being a classless bint. Here is an example of her creative writing.

The professor taunted those attacking her, sharing a contact number that was actually that of Arizona State University’s suicide hotline, and said she was a tenured professor who makes $100,000 a year.

“I will never be fired,” she tweeted.

Really? Well, you are not that creative or smart toots: The Fresno Bee had this update.

All options are on the table in dealing with the Fresno State professor who called Barbara Bush “an amazing racist” shortly after Bush died at age 92, university President Joseph Castro said Wednesday.

“A professor with tenure does not have blanket protection to say and do what they wish,” he said. “We are all held accountable for our actions.”

Castro declined to comment specifically on how the university may handle Randa Jarrar’s case, citing personnel matters. But he did say the next steps for the university include reviewing all the facts, as well as the faculty’s collective bargaining agreement.

Before she locked down her twitter, she even posted the suicide hotline for Arizona State as her personal number. Nice. Mature. And she may learn tenure does not men she is immune to consequences.

Two reasons to be careful when posting and tweeting.

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