Trump Vs Biden: The Upcoming Debate

Trump Vs Biden: The Upcoming Debate

Trump Vs Biden: The Upcoming Debate

The rules for the first debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden have been revealed. Some people are not happy about it, but does it really matter?

In just a few days, we will see Donald Trump vs Joe Biden on a stage, with no audience; neither man will give opening statements, and Jake Tapper/Dana Bash from CNN will be the moderators.

There are questions about why Trump quickly agreed to these slanted-in-Joe’ s-favor debate rules. But Trump told us why he accepted the rules—because they thought he wouldn’t accept.

Surprise! This is what confidence looks like. One could also argue that it is easy for Trump to be confident when he is debating an old man who doesn’t know where he is half the time, slurs his speech, and has now turned into a slow-motion robotic shell of a man. Those are some powerful drugs that Joe Biden must be on.

You gotta love Trump bragging about bringing big ratings to CNN.

While we constantly hear people boasting that they don’t want to watch political debates, I believe some grown-ups do care.

Why So Early?

First, let’s look at why the debates are happening so early. Vivek Ramaswamy has an idea.

Perhaps. That sort of makes sense, doesn’t it? However, it is doubtful, no matter how much sense it makes. The Democrats won’t do it. Joe is their guy.

While some people are upset that Donald seemed to have agreed to everything to make this debate happen, Donald Trump did demand one thing. Trump would like a drug test performed on Joe Biden before taking the stage. It’ll never happen, but nice try.

So, here we are, continuing with a June debate. Trump agreed to the rules. As of this blog entry, the June 27th debate is happening, even if some people are still bewildered.

For reasons that continue to mystify, the GOP still has candidates seeking to curry favor with hostile media outlets that are in the business of getting Democrats elected. It’s most ridiculous during presidential election years, when the party subjects the nominee to scripted Democratic forums that are laughingly referred to as “debates.”  – PJ Media

PJ Media isn’t wrong here. Especially in 2024, with the age of social media and big Trump rallies, we must ask if we still need to see the candidates debating policies on a debate stage on cable television. Because 1) the candidates don’t debate policy anymore, and 2) apparently, no one watches. And I’ll add a third thing; the people have already decided. At this point, we are simply wanting to be entertained.

Convicted Felon vs Hunter’s Laptop

How many times do you think Joe will say “convicted felon,” and how many times will Trump talk about Hunter’s laptop?

Whether during the primaries or the general election campaign, these affairs are filled with questions about issues that matter most to the Democratic hierarchy, with little thought given to what American voters are truly interested in. The lapdog moderators may as well spend the entire time asking the Republican candidate, “Why are you a horrible person who won’t get on board with our agenda?” – PJ Media

And will we hear anything about the illegal invasion of our country?

Or how about allowing parents and doctors to mutilate children, sexualize them, and confuse them about their identity by having drag queens and activists in the schools?

Victory Girl Darleen brings up a great topic, too, that all of us have been ignoring, it seems:

Convincing women that killing their own unborn children is the only right they need to be concerned about while organizations like a cancer charity are busy turning them into non-men. – Victory Girl Darleen

Will the moderators even ask Trump and Biden their definition of a woman?

Inflation, my goodness, the inflation. Will we hear from either man about American families struggling right now?

And I know you, dear readers, can come up with many more topics that Trump and Biden should discuss.

But we all know Joe will stand there and stammer through lie after lie about what a great job he’s doing.

During the last few election cycles, how often have you heard people say, “I’m not watching the debate. What’s the point? It’s just the same old thing.

(eye roll)

Because, you know, people are too cool to watch a political debate. They’d much rather watch a 22-year-old throw milkshakes in strangers’ faces on TikTok.

I’ll be one of the news junkies watching the debate, even though my mind is already made up. Why will you be watching?

Feature Image: Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons/The White House, CC BY 3.0 US, via Wikimedia Commons/edited in Canva Pro

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  • MR. MICHAEL says:

    I’ll be watching. And the reason is not a nice one… it’s like Nascar: Watching what is SUPPOSED to happen is boring. They can’t discuss policy, because it would slant the debate too far away from the incumbent… so I’ll be watching to see the activist interrogators stumble around Joe’s liabilities, interrupt Trump’s answers, and to see if they’ll do any ‘reaction’ shots of the President… and see if he has a new expression, not just the same old Angry Joe or the current ‘Loading” pose: eyes blank, arms akimbo, mouth slightly open.

    I’m not a good person by nature.

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