Trump On #Afghanistan: “We Will Fight To Win” [VIDEO]

Trump On #Afghanistan: “We Will Fight To Win” [VIDEO]

Trump On #Afghanistan: “We Will Fight To Win” [VIDEO]

President Trump has announced his plans to deal with the ongoing attempt to stabilize Afghanistan, while delivering a stern warning to the leaders of both Afghanistan and Pakistan. American troops have now been involved in Afghanistan for 16 years, making it the longest war in American history.

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The speech was a little less than a half hour long, and was full of soundbites that are sure to have everyone buzzing for the next few days.

A welcome surprise in the speech was Trump’s clear calling out of Pakistan.

And Trump was excruciatingly direct about what his policy will be.

And he signaled a major shift on the “rules of engagement” and the second-guessing that happens thousands of miles from the front lines.

It is clear that the time taken to deliberate policy with the generals and commanders – and consider all the former military that Trump has surrounded himself with now in the White House – has made an impact on the president’s decision making. Multiple media outlets had put a number of 4000 troops out in print before the speech, but that may only be a beginning. Trump pointedly did not put any numbers out there.

But there was a clear warning to Afghanistan: pull it together, because the United States is running out of patience.

While there are still major questions about the “hows” of the policy, the overall first impression has been positive.

After nearly 16 years, something has to change. As an Army sister, I dread the thought of more boots on the ground. But, as the president noted when he recalled the many valiant men and women who gave their lives in the War on Terror who now rest at Arlington, just beyond the gate from where he gave the speech at Fort Myer, we cannot let their sacrifice be in vain. “We will fight to win.”

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