Trump autographs Bibles; Libs sad no lightning bolts

Trump autographs Bibles; Libs sad no lightning bolts

Trump autographs Bibles; Libs sad no lightning bolts

Yesterday, in an effort to comfort those impacted in the tornado-ravaged areas of Lee County, Alabama, Donald and Melania Trump met with residents of Smiths Station and surrounding communities. One of their stops was Providence Baptist Church, where the Trumps were greeted like rock stars with everyone wanting autographs. Trump signed napkins, hats, t shirts, $100 dollar bills, and Bibles. Yes, Bibles.

According to some in the *suddenly* holier-than-thou crowd, by signing such a sacred book as the Bible (given to him to sign by the owner of course), Trump had committed the unpardonable sin. Or if not a sin, such abject behavior deserved to be scorned and skewered like this:

I feel like it’s common knowledge that the only people writing on Bibles are grandmothers writing down important dates on the inside cover. Autographs are definitely a new area. Does he think he wrote it, like he also thinks he wrote The Art of the Deal? Very possible.

Or is he signing it because of his pivotal guest appearance in the Book of Revelations? He’s like, “Don’t spoil the end for yourself; I got big plans.”

I know given Trump’s history, his behavior, his policies, and all of the words he says, it’s hard to think of a more pious person, but for argument’s sake, why would you want Trump to sign your religious text? It’s like someone asking him to rub some of his bronzer on the Shroud of Turin. Peculiar! What is a person going to do with a Trump Bible? Is this a summoning ritual? A horcrux? Make it make sense!

Does Donald Trump’s signature make it more Bible-y? Like all other Bibles are just kidding but this one is kicking it into overdrive. Make the Bible Great Again???

Did he sign a golden calf after this, to really seal the deal?”

Ok. I have to admit it. I laughed out loud when I read that. Sure it’s obnoxious and unfair – like most media coverage of DJT – but some leftists are far more apoplectic over this event, even comparing it to shilling concert merch.

Silly children.

So here’s how the whole autographing Bibles thing really went down: A local television reporter, Sally Pitts, posted video of the Trump visit on her Twitter account.

Yeah. It was just that simple. No lightening bolt from above incinerating DJT where he stands. No spontaneous combustion of autographed Bibles. Just people who had been through a lot, some loosing family and friends, happy to see DJT and Melania. Its sweet, actually. Very America.

You know, its well documented that at his rallies and speeches, Trump is often asked to sign a variety of items, including Bibles and copies of his “second-favorite book” The Art of the Deal — which of course he’d be the first to tell you he wrote it. He’s autographed copies of his executive orders, old photos, various bills, blank sheets of paper people tease him with, saying it’s a piece of (D) legislation. Once Trump even signed photographs of victims at a ceremony to recognize family members of Americans killed by illegal immigrants. Yeah. Well, he clearly has broad boundaries when it comes to autographs.

Trump, as I’ve mentioned before, gives me regular heartburn but there are many times I agree with him. Like now. Here. As he comforts Americans who have been through a fresh hell. Sure Donald Trump can be a bombastic jerk, and I would not give him my Bible to autograph, but he’s not Cheeto Jesus. He also isn’t the Antichrist.


Featured photo: Rachel Scott, Twitter.

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  • Wfjag says:

    I am awaiting a House Dem to introduce an impeachment count of the grounds that President Trump violated the First Amendment by ignoring the wall of separation between church and state.

  • GWB says:

    Trump autographs Bibles; Libs sad no lightening bolts
    Please fix the headline! It is lightning not lightening!
    “Lightening bolts” would be when you replace the steel fastening devices with aircraft aluminum ones. “Lightning bolts” are the ones that come from Zeus or thunderstorms.

    • Kate says:

      Do calm down, GWB. It’s fixed. Where the heck were you last night when I needed you?

      • GWB says:

        Sorry, but that’s a pet peeve because I see it ALL OVER. I think spell-check must have gotten it into their heads bits at one point, and it messed everyone up. (And thank you for fixing it – early on a Saturday, no less.)

        As to the post, I laughed, too, at that quote. Partly because it reflects some on the people who would ask him to do such a thing. (Yeah, I have a little heartburn with autographing a Bible. I might write an encouraging note in it, but I wouldn’t just autograph it.)
        Yeah, this doesn’t get me all exorcised.

        (Yes, that spelling was on purpose.)

  • Darleen Click says:

    Just thought I’d mention that President Reagan was known to autograph a Bible …

    • Kathy says:

      If it comforts the Bible’s owner, it’s paper. It’s the words inside that matter and he made no change there.

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