Trump Announces Mexico Immigration Deal

Trump Announces Mexico Immigration Deal

Trump Announces Mexico Immigration Deal

Cancel the tariff panic, because President Trump just announced that a deal has been struck with Mexico over immigration.

The president announced the news via Twitter.

Is anyone else just a little bit stunned that this high-risk piece of negotiation leverage has apparently paid off? Remember, this tariff was going to be increasing the price of goods coming in from Mexico at 5 percent increments, leading up to 25 percent, all starting this coming Monday. And now, it looks like the high-pressure negotiation tactic – complete with deadline – has compelled some kind of agreement.

There is confirmation from the Mexican negotiating team as well.

Now, obviously, the details are still unknown. The State Department will obviously have to fill in a lot of blanks about what this deal contains. Is this a good deal for the United States, or is this a saving-face deal for Trump? Will it require Mexico to strengthen its own southern border? Do we really believe that Mexico will stem the tide of caravans, or of their own citizens? Will Mexico join the same asylum agreement that we have with Canada?

If Mexico signed a safe third country agreement, Central American migrants would no longer be able to cross the U.S.-Mexico border to surrender to U.S. authorities and stay in the country while they await asylum proceedings.”

The United States only has one safe third country agreement. It was signed with Canada in 2004.”

Safe country status and asylum law in general is based on several United Nations conventions regulating the movement of people.”

One convention is that asylum-seekers should not be returned to a country where their safety would be in jeopardy.”

That could be an issue with Mexico, as its capacity to process and protect asylum-seekers is seen as insufficient, according to a 2018 report by the Women’s Refugee Commission.”

We can only wait to find out the details, but this announcement can only be considered a good thing.

The State Department has released a summary of the agreement with Mexico, which can be read here. The details are still fairly light, but it does look like Mexico will be using its own National Guard on its southern border in order control the Central American migrant caravans. Tellingly, the agreement states that there will be a review in 90 days to see if any of these changes has had an effect.

In other words, this looks like – and it should be – a long-term discussion between the United States and Mexico.

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  • George V says:

    I saw another article that stated the Mexican gov’t has told the US that the funding for these migrant caravans is coming from the USA and Europe. I’d say it’s time to put our money tracking tools to work to find out who’s funding this lunacy and find some mechanism to shut it down. No one walks 1000 miles in the searing heat without some support for food and water at least.

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