TrueCrypt: Shut Down Due to Security Issues, Changes the Face of Encryption

TrueCrypt: Shut Down Due to Security Issues, Changes the Face of Encryption

TrueCrypt, a free encryption tool that has been recommended as the standard for years (including here on VG by this author) has just been shut down, citing security issues.  Currently on their website is a pretty clear warning that “Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues.”  Gone are the extensive documentation files and support documents.  Instead, the warning goes on to state that the page continues to exist only to help users migrate data currently using TrueCrypt to some other format, such as BitLocker—which is, by the way, a Microsoft product, so we’ll just let you decide whether to trust it.  (Hint: Don’t.)

From Daily Dot:

The open source program was developed by the pseudonymous TrueCrypt team, who have made no public comment since the program’s site changed drastically, leaving many to wonder if the website was hacked or if the warning is legitimate.

For all you conspiracy theorists who love to see Anonymous’ Guy Fawkes mask behind every software failure, you can set aside the idea of the group being hacked; even downloading the new version of the software gives you the warning.

So what happened to the #1 open source encryption tool, used by everyone from Bruce Schneier to Edward Snowden?  No one knows.  As one Twitter user put it, “grab some popcorn, relax, and enjoy the show.”

In the meantime, however, if you’re using Truecrypt…you might want to check out some other options.  Something other than BitLocker, if you actually care about privacy.

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  • Xavier says:

    Respected people in the computer security business have tried to contact the TrueCrypt developers unsuccessfully. Their lack of response and silence regarding the webpage notice seems to indicate that the warning is legitimate.

    TrueCrypt was the backbone of my security; I thought it was basically impenetrable. The lesson here is not to rely on any one product if you truly want security. Right now I’m looking at FREE Compusec and DiskCryptor as replacements. Since I’m dealing with several multi-terabyte drives, it’s going to take days to decrypt and then re-encrypt them. Sigh.

    Kit, if you have any suggestions please post them.

    There’s good reason to NOT TRUST ANY COMMERCIAL SECURITY SOFTWARE PACKAGE, particularly any companies that have known relationships with government agencies. It’s your life (and liberty), so do as you choose, but BitLocker would never be an option for me.

    Here’s a link, and there’s an update about TrueCrypt in the Discussion section but the reviews haven’t been rewritten yet.

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