Trudeau Talks Abortion During Pence USMCA Meeting

Trudeau Talks Abortion During Pence USMCA Meeting

Trudeau Talks Abortion During Pence USMCA Meeting

Vice President Pence travels to Canada for USMCA talks with Prime Minister Trudeau. Trade is important, but Trudeau wants to talk about the “backsliding of women’s rights” abortion. Namely, the shift in American state laws toward Pro-Life legislation. 

Canada Exporting Abortions

On the surface, his comment sounds far reaching, and unrelated to his role as Canada’s PM. After all, he has no authority within the USA. Why is abortion restriction something he feels the need to address during trade talks?

Obviously, I’m very concerned with the situation around the backsliding of women’s rights that we’re seeing from conservative movements here in Canada, in the United States and around the world. I will have a broad conversation with the vice president — of course that’ll come up….”

It may be related to the lack of abortion services in Canada. Under their National health care regulations, anyone is entitled to an abortion at any point during the pregnancy. Women show up at the facility pregnant, and leave not pregnant.

Abortion in Canada is strictly between the woman, and her physician. There are no laws governing it, therefore there are no restrictions on it, and no Hyde Amendment to stop taxes from paying for it. No reason is necessary, on demand at any point. The good Pro-Abortion crowd’s favorite Dr. from Canada explains in her series of Tweets,

In in interesting twist of irony, Canada can’t meet every demand for free unrestricted abortions. They send the women south of the border for “reproductive care” abortions. According to a comment in Global News made by Frederique Chabot, director of health promotion at Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights,

“People who access abortion care, especially for later-term abortion care, they have to travel to the United States to do that. People go and seek them in the United States so if these services are not offered in the United States anymore, we’re going to see, effectively, a reduction in abortion access for Canadian people as well.”

There are seemingly “ethical” considerations by some providers in terminating a pregnancy after 24 weeks, and these cases are often referred to clinics in the USA.

While there is no legal limit on abortion access in Canada, hospitals do put their own regulations in place, which generally limit the procedure to being performed no later than 24 weeks, which is considered the point of viability. Though performing an abortion after that is not illegal, ethical concerns and lack of physician training can make the procedure extremely difficult to access.

Well, that is a facet of “free trade.”

Trade Blocks Frustrate Trudeau

When Vice President Pence was Indiana’s “Governor Pence”, he signed legislation requiring abortion clinics to cremate or bury the aborted babies in a respectful manner. Additionally, Indiana had a law that prevented abortions based on gender or race. Both laws were challenged, and finally made it to the SCOTUS.  VG’s Kim Hirsch covered the SCOTUS ruling and Justice Thomas’ opinion, here. The “big win” was that the court ruled that neither cremation nor burial presented an undue burden to the woman seeking abortion, and was constitutional.

Pence Tweets his approval:


I don’t often wish to be a fly on the wall during a meeting. Especially a meeting focused on trade agreements (yawn). However, I would gladly suffer through the meeting for the opportunity to see how Trudeau handles his approach to Pence. Not only is the VP solidly Pro-Life, he is responsible for some of the legislation considered “backsliding” the abortion agenda.

Embargo Abortion

One can’t help but get the sense of desperation in Trudeau’s self-injection into USA domestic policies and issues, as a means to gain favor with the voters back home. Since 2016 his party’s approval rating has dropped 10 points. And according to Bloomberg, he’s his own worst competition for reelection.

The famously globe-trotting, feminist, supposedly woke 47-year-old prime minister has committed a string of flubs. This latest scandal exposes Trudeau to allegations that his fresh-faced Liberal Party is, in fact, the same old party with the same old baggage. That could be politically fatal for an agent of change.”

In a country with almost 80% in favor of unrestricted abortion, a PM who challenges the changes in the USA may pick up enough points and secure a tidy little victory. Fortunately for us, the Constitution prevents PM Trudeau from holding office in the United States. He can keep his ideas about abortion up in Canada.

Should PM Trudeau make a trip “south of the border”, he should meet little baby Saybie, most recently a resident of San Diego’s Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns. Saybie entered the hospital weighing just over eight ounces, with a gestational age of 23 weeks. Her story exemplifies exactly why Pro-Life groups fight so hard for the Right to Life, and why abortion isn’t the default position when the life of the mother is at risk.

Saybie’s mother was taken to the hospital, where she was told she had preeclampsia, very high blood pressure, and that the baby needed to be delivered quickly. The mother said she told medical professionals that she didn’t think her daughter would survive because she was only 23 weeks. She said doctors told her husband that he had about an hour with his child before she died. But the mother said the hour turned into two, which became a day and then a week.

Yesterday, while Trudeau was lamenting the loss of “reproductive rights” sanctioned killing of babies, we read about sweet Saybie. Whom was discharged as a five pounder after five months in the NICU. Thank goodness her delivery took place in a setting where she was valued, and deemed worthy of saving. 23 weeks gestation… a week shy of the “ethical benchmark” in Canada. A week where Saybie had better odds of becoming medical waste than a beloved daughter.

No, Mr. Trudeau, we don’t want you interjecting about the restrictions on abortion in the USA. Stick to trade talks and Obamaesq foolery. The media will happily help push your “concern” for protected killing of babies. I will happily indulge in a daydream where your meeting with VP Pence is awkward and uncomfortable. Of course, that requires recognition on your part that only a vile human would object to cremation or burial of a murdered baby.

Ending on a note for a human who is already better than Canada’s PM, meet baby Saybie.

Featured Image: U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Joshua R. M. Dewberry License Under: Public Domain

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"CC" to her friends. Recent escapee from Northern VA to the Great State of Texas. I'm a Pro-LIfe, Pro-Gun, Libertarian type... There is very little that fresh lime juice and good tequila can't fix.

  • Charles N. Steele says:

    The Baby Saybie story is really something. Trudeau would have killed her. What a leader.

    The way to win on the abortion issue is to point out and celebrate stories like hers, and contrast with the gloating of pro-abortion fanatics over abortions. Simply let the contrast speak for itself. That is what has radically shifted how I see the issue.

    An aside — why can’t women in Canada seeking abortion simply go on the “wonderful” Canadian health care waiting list? Theres a great deal of overlap in pro-abortion and pro-socialized medicine advocates; doesn’t this generate cognitive dissonance in them? Apparently not — zero self-reflection & self-critical analysis.

    • Isn’t it? Humans are remarkable, and capable of so much more than we acknowledge. I’ve worked NICU with preemies, never any this early. I know those babies feel pain and hear noises. It’s one of the reasons the NICU is kept so quiet, as to not stress the babies. If a 24 weeks gestation baby doesn’t feel pain, then why do they scream when the IV catheter is placed? Why do they pull and tug at the NG tubes? Developing a response to pain stimuli isn’t something that happens as they exit the womb. This sweet baby, and more like her need to have their stories told. And those whose stories will never be told deserve more than a red canister in a bio hazard bag headed for the incinerator. Or being auctioned off to a lab.

  • Scott says:

    Well said NC and Charles!..

    One thing though. you wrote..” I will happily indulge in a daydream where your meeting with VP Pence is awkward and uncomfortable. Of course, that requires recognition on your part that only a vile human would object to cremation or burial of a murdered baby.”.. if we’re gonna daydream, mine is gonna be that VP Pence gives that spineless little milquetoast the epic beatdown he deserves, and leaves him a battered, bloody mess on the floor”… after all, we’re dreaming aren’t we???

    • I don’t see the VP as a person prone to extreme violence. Probably a good thing. If you really want to see the PM squirm… Maybe Pence can offer to pray with him. Not for him. With him. Just ensure there’s a handy fire extinguisher. 😉

  • Guybaker says:

    The ignorant little communist has no idea how to do anything to stimulate the stagnating Canadian economy, so chases shiny objects he misunderstands.

  • Ralph R Jaeger says:

    Trudeau is a desparate little shit weasel trying to gain points with the leftists parasites that infest this sadly degenerating country of ours. He is expected to announce sweeping legislation restricting firearms ownership in Canada next month at some feminist collective of chafed labias hoping to gain votes from those he most identifies with, legislation that will not affect gang violence in this country but will only add a burden to the law abiding firearms community . His popularity has tanked thanks to his outrageous displays of political correctness and condescending attitude to Canadians ,as if we owe him some kind of allegiance simply because his father ( possibly Fidel Castro …his mother was a slut) Pierre set this country on a destructive course of Leftist Progressivism. I can only pray and hope he gets turfed with a size 14 loggers boot against his ass in the upcoming election .

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