TQ Clown Show: Humor and Danger

TQ Clown Show: Humor and Danger

TQ Clown Show: Humor and Danger

There isn’t enough popcorn — or pepper spray — that adequately covers all the incidents coming the Trans and Queer clowns of the alphabet mafia. But when the boring normies start refusing to go along, it is well worth noting.

TalkTV host Julia Hartley-Brewer is being praised by conservative social media users after she refused to use her guest’s preferred pronouns.

The issue came up immediately when journalist Shivani Dave said her pronouns are “they/them.”

“Thank you for telling me your pronouns. I use correct grammar,” Hartley-Brewer replied. “You can choose your pronouns, you can choose what you want to call yourself, but you don’t get to require me to use incorrect grammar and factually incorrect things. You’re not a plural, you’re one person, and you’re a female person, so I will use she and her, thank you very much.”

Brava, to Hartley-Brewer! Let’s roll tape …

Shivani, with a butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth smile, immediately launches in to her prefered pronouns. Rather than the usual kind of groveling apology offered by the usual suspects in BigMedia, Julia demurs, stating the reality of Shivani as a female individual dictates the proper grammer Julia will use. Shivani’s response is revealing:

Dave insisted she’s not a “single woman.”

“I’m a very special non-binary trans person,” she declared.

Julia can barely hold back laughing in this female’s face as she responds oh well, I’m just an old boring married heterosexual woman … but we’re not allowed to do that anymore. And that, dear reader, is part of the great rush of young females to identify as trans, non-binary, pansexual, asexual or Heinz 57 other Queer identities, all with their own set of coercive speech.

We are special! Bend your knee in our presence!

Today’s culture isn’t recognition over some extraordinary accomplishment or other things you may DO, it’s all about how you IDENTIFY.

Clown participation trophies all the way down.

Laughing at such pathetic cries for attention is one thing (and should be done as often as possible), confronting the evil clown side of the Queering of the culture is the other and way overdue. Via David Thompson comes this story of a trans-identified male using the Rainbow flag as a cover for his ped0philia activism.

A trans-identified male who identifies as a “minor-attracted person” and has been running a “MAP” merchandise shop online is also working with a prominent pro-pedophilp)ia group that has consulted academics. Katie Cruz, a pseudonym used by a man who calls himself Cali Miller, has been “working behind the scenes” with activist group B4U-ACT, which campaigns to have pedophilia recognized as a sexual orientation, and which has contributed to academic research at some of North America’s top universities. (snip)

On Patreon, Cruz has stated that his “age of attraction” is between 9 and 13 years old. He also claims to identify as having a “trans age” of between “13 and 17ish.” (snip)

… under the alternative name Cali Miller, Cruz has revealed that he claims to be transgender, and has advocated for the medical ‘transitioning’ of children via puberty-halting drugs.

You know, this is just another thing that never happens happening. All us boring normies are bigots to point out that maybe the agenda of inducing kids to stop their puberty and remain physically immature and child-like has little to do with the well-being of the child. That maybe, just maybe, it serves the sexual desires of adults by delivering up their preferred dish of nubile children. Dancing boys, anyone?

For too long women have been shut down, silenced and punished for daring to state the obvious — there are only two sexes and males are to stay out of women’s spaces. And we need something a bit more forceful than laughter in those circumstances.

Not just for ourselves, but for our children.

Shut down the TQ clown show.

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  • NTSOG says:

    I thought the North American Man-boy-love Association had long died. Obviously it has just been dressed up in trendy left-wing alphabet clothes.

    • Scott says:

      just like “gun control” and “global warming” they changed the names to protect the guilty. This has always been part of the goal of those who worked so hard to destroy the traditional definition of marriage. it was never JUST about gays being able to marry. This was made obvious by two points.
      1. They kept repeating “you should be able to marry whoever you love” without ever putting parameters to it.
      2. They destroyed the traditional definition of “one man, one woman”, but never came up with a new definition, outside of the above. This was intentional, as it allowed them to slowly expand what was “accepted”.. the weirdos “marrying” trees, dogs, etc was just the beginning..

      Before some fool like kevin comes in here with his panties in a twist, I am not saying that all gays subscribe to this, just those activist types pushing this insanity.


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