Tik Tok Transgender Videos Popular With Young Folks

Tik Tok Transgender Videos Popular With Young Folks

Tik Tok Transgender Videos Popular With Young Folks

Monitor all social media platforms that anyone in your home, not paying his/her own way, may be using. You don’t need to watch a Congressional hearing to know that the cretins of tech use any means necessary to get their talons into your youngsters and drag them down a psychologically damaging path. All social media platforms are bad, Tik ToK is the absolute worst. Tik Tok has partnered with an pro-LGBT group to promote transgender videos.

All the social media platforms manipulate its users. Think about all of the “fact checking on Facebook and frequency of those placed in Facebook prison. Twitter is run by a bunch of Bot Farmers who decide what will trend. Tik Tok has been on Victory Girls radar as dangerous since 2018 when it first appeared. Two weeks ago, Deanna wrote about how her teenagers were out of school because of a threat of violence at schools which spread on Tik Tok. The non-specific threat was for ALL schools in the United States. I get most of my information about Tik Tok from the Twitter group Libs of Tik Tok. I know all about the weird Tik Tok challenges and oddball groups like “Snail Facials”.

Zang Yiming is a Chinese National who developed ByteDance the parent company for Tik Tok. China and the United States both use the App to spy on Americans and try to manipulate thought. Both the U.S. Military and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have banned the app from being downloaded to government phones. The app is dangerous and evil. Now, we have even more proof. From the Post Millennial:

According to a report by the Daily Mail, content posted by transgender influencers and trans allies have been seen by millions of young viewers – videos with the hashtag “Trans” have been watched more than 26 billion times, as of last weekend.
Examples included:
“One popular transgender TikTok influencer, Bella Fitzpatrick, raised £20,000 from followers in less than three months to fund private gender-reassignment surgery. The 19-year-old has 700,000 followers and explains the process of transitioning, including her experience of bypassing NHS waiting lists.
Another is Alex Consani, 18, who has more than 680,000 followers. She went viral five years ago when, aged 12, Cosmopolitan magazine featured her life as a trans model. One of her videos, seen 2.3 million times, tells followers they are ‘one oestrogen pill away from a glow up’. A ‘glow up’ is a mental, physical and emotional transformation for the better.

Viewed 26 billion times? This is what your children were doing while they were distance learning. The transgender phenomenon is not new, but it is particularly virulent right now. Last year, Darleen reviewed the book Irreversible Damage and I strongly encourage you to read her review here.

Tik Tok has a partner in all of this propaganda. Again from the Post Millennial:

According to the publication, TikTok has partnered with the LGBTQ organization Stonewall to promote the material.
“We are honored that the LGBTQ+ community has embraced TikTok from our very early days, as a platform for self-expression, education, community-building and joy,” said a TikTok spokesman.

Be very frightened for our youths. Here are a couple of the milder videos:

Are you physically sick yet? Great. Here’s more from the UK Daily Mail:

Last night, Kate Harris, of the LGB Alliance, which opposes Stonewall’s policies on transgender issues, said: ‘Our major concern is that millions of impressionable children are watching these online influencers.

‘It’s no coincidence that the growth of TikTok coincides exactly with the exponential growth of children presenting with gender dysphoria.’

Ms Harris described some of the videos as ‘deeply frightening’, adding: ‘The message is so often, “Don’t involve your parents.”

‘What these videos would lead a generation of children to believe is that it is easy to change sex and that it is the answer to all of your problems.’

These people are evil to the bottoms of their feet. And, as this British report shows, detransitioning is lonely and unsupported:

I have often compared intentional parenting to playing Chess. You must stay at minimum two moves ahead of your child/children. In this spirit, I am going to link to the TransLife Glossary of Terms. This ought to scare the hominy right out of you. I had no idea I was a “binarist”. Don’t ever let your offspring surprise you. Read ahead. Know what’s going on on social media.

This is not to say that we don’t owe grace to anyone who has DNA issues or gender dysphoria. We don’t want to erase anyone. We also will not be bullied by the trans-activists. Monitor your child’s social media platforms. Stay two steps ahead and listen, listen, listen to your child.

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  • Lloyd says:

    Transgenders are freaks, plain & simple. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional! They represent one more way that medical science/science has failed us.

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  • Cameron says:

    These activists need to be outed for grooming children. And yes, they are grooming children.

  • Stephen says:

    Any policy or attempt to control the information available to young people is doomed to fail. With any subject be it politics, religion, drugs or in this case gender identity young people need to be given an unbiased and informative source of information and allowed to make up their own minds. Any attempt to influence this opinion making be this by parents, educators or religious leaders will have the opposite effect to that desired. Young people can be trusted to absorb information and act sensibly for example when children are taught road safety they don’t immediately go running across busy roads.
    I worry that some of the opinions expressed on here may damage the relationship between children and their families in a lasting manner

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