Thinking About The Military Mom on Mother’s Day

Thinking About The Military Mom on Mother’s Day

Thinking About  The Military Mom on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there. Whether you gave birth to, adopted, fostered or “took in” a child, you are a Mom and I mean that with a capital M. Today though, I want to write about the mothers of the one percent. Not the evil rich one percent. I mean the moms of the less than one percent of the population that serve in the United States Military. The Military Mom.

You cannot talk to me for five minutes without knowing that I am a very, very proud Military Mom. My son was drawn to olive drab even as a baby. It’s not every mom who can say their kid is living the dream. Well, right now he is in garrison. When he is deployed, he is living the dream. What a blessing.

Pinky MacArthur and her cadet son Douglas at West Point

My first trip to the United States Military Academy at West Point was to see an Army football game. The Boy Scouts got in free. My son was about nine. That was when I first heard about the world’s greatest helicopter mom. When Douglas MacArthur was accepted to West Point, his mother took an apartment right outside Thayer Gate. Allegedly, she want to be able to use a telescope to watch him study. Well, Douglas did alright for himself so I guess it worked.

Rachel’s sons, “Hold My Beer” and “Watch This” aka Brett and Cole
Rachel and her bonus daughter Stephanie, the Marine

My friend, Rachel Cosby, had two soldiers when she married Lt. Cmdr Bob Cosby, (USN, ret.). Commander Cosby has two boys and a girl. The boys are in the Navy and Marines. His daughter is also a Marine. It’s impossible to get a picture of all of Cosby’s together. Someone is always deployed. Someone is always somewhere training and doing something scary that cannot be discussed. Rachel handles all of this with a joyful spirit. The family always tries to participate in the Mountain Man Memorial March in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The Mountain Man Memorial March honors Gold Star Families. That is, families who have had a loved one killed in action. Commander Cosby has run in honor of Spc. Christopher Fox for his mother Amy Keene for six years. Which brings me to my friend Bernie, who Rachel told me years ago that I just had to meet.

L. Cpl. William Koprince. Son of Bernie and Bill Koprince.

Bernie Koprince lost her son L. Cpl. Williams Koprince, Jr. (USMC) on December 27, 2006 in Iraq. He was killed by an IED while taking point for his team. They had delivered an overwatch team and were on their way back to the base. I know Bernie gets down. I know Bernie has bad days. She keeps her head up and keeps the focus on her son’s service. She is tireless and insists that the focus be kept on her son, not on her. I am sure she will not be overly fond of this post.

This was her post on Facebook yesterday:

Bernie’s Vase

Mothers Day. The vase is the last Mothers Day present I received from my son. He wasn’t one to send me gifts. His gift gives back every Mothers Day with the thought of him thinking of me and putting forth such an effort from Iraq. My daughter, and my favorite son in law, will be bringing their babies to church with me tomorrow, another unreplaceable gift!!!! It’s not about the money you spend it’s about the thought behind the deed.

Bernie gives everything she has to Rolling Thunder, Wreaths Across America, The Salvation Army and Mountain Man Memorial March. She also insists people think about the whole Gold Star Family, not just the mother. Billy is so proud of his mother. Probably laughing at her too, while eating pizza.

This Mother’s Day call your own mother. Then, think about the Military Moms. Actually, think about all of the first responder moms. The moms who raised kids who run to the danger that everyone else is running from.

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  • Scott says:

    God bless all you Moms out there! As a firefighter since i was a teenager, I know the hell I put my own Mom through. Unfortunately, I’ll be visiting her at her grave today. trim some weeds, plant some new flowers, and spend a little time… Hope all of you have a great Mothers day with your families!

  • VALman says:

    “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” ~ Frederick Douglass

    I share this to stress how important parenting is and on this day especially motherhood. Few things in this, or so I believe, are more important than the care, nurture, and the loving of a child. So, I wish all you Moms, in whatever way you fill this capacity, a blessed Mother’s Day. And, please know that when have “one of those days” there are those of us who regularly pray for you. God bless.

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