There Was This Royal Wedding, but the Media Still Obsess Over Trump. [VIDEO]

There Was This Royal Wedding, but the Media Still Obsess Over Trump. [VIDEO]

There Was This Royal Wedding, but the Media Still Obsess Over Trump. [VIDEO]

They just can’t help it, can they?

A royal wedding happened in London today, when Prince Harry married his American actress love Meghan Markle. British pomp and pageantry were on full display.

And so was the continued contempt for President Trump among the Chattering Classes.

The BBC just had to compare the size of Trump’s inaugural crowd with the size of the crowds cheering on the wedding.

And then Trump-hating Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling had to get her two cents in, too:

Here’s what a British-based Washington Post columnist tweeted:

Then a staff writer at The Atlantic showed her glee, too.

Yes, today an American citizen married her handsome English Prince. And, joining the media, other Twitter users had to spew their daily Trump-hate, too. Because like the GEICO commercials say — it’s what they do.

But let the all the Cool Kids who dump their anti-Trump dreck all over Twitter keep on keeping on, okay? He lives rent-free in their heads — after all, there’s plenty of room there, and you can’t beat the price. We’ll just sit back and smile, and in 2020 we’ll have the final giggles when Trump beats whatever socialist the media promote as their champion.

But as for me, I like what the Chicago Tribune posted:

As the Brits would say, “Well done, you!” This tweet was clever and sassy, and non-political — as it should be. So congratulations to the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex. We wish them many happy years together.

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  • Wfjag says:

    Meanwhile, Justify won the Preakness, again on a wet, muddy track. He’s now won 2 of the races for The Triple Crown. He didn’t race as a 2-year-old, breaking “The Curse of Apollo”, since the last horse to do that and win the Kentucky Derby, Apollo, did so in 1882.

    Surely there are Trump comparisons there – Performs well in sloppy conditions; throws mud all over competitors; had no experience before entering big races this year; wins despite inexperience (Oh, and seems to be a popular favorite with fans).

    Actually, the British should be thanking President Trump. The rumor is that ex-President Obama didn’t get invited to the wedding since protocol would have required inviting the current President, too. That saved the ceremony since it avoided having Obama giving a toast, which would have turned into another of his speeches all about himself. Instead, the celebrations remained mostly focused on the Couple and British traditions (although there were a few outbursts of TDS darkening an otherwise clear day).

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