There Is Nothing Right About A Parent Forcing A Child Into A Different Gender

There Is Nothing Right About A Parent Forcing A Child Into A Different Gender

There Is Nothing Right About A Parent Forcing A Child Into A Different Gender

A mother forcing a child into a different gender is horrifyingly real. There is nothing right morally or scientifically about what she and so-called experts are advocating for. Yet this is happening as we speak.

As reported earlier this week, a Texas jury awarded sole conservatorship of James Younger to his pediatrician mother, Anne Georgulas, over the objections of his father, Jeffrey. A JURY ignored common sense testimony from supposed therapists and doctors who all said that, while James isn’t completely sure he wants to be a girl, since his mother is insistent and SURE that James really is “Luna” and thus they ruled in the mother’s favor. Did the jury even THINK about what was right for that little boy? It sure doesn’t seem so.

Which led to the judge overturning the jury’s verdict, and ruling that BOTH parents will have joint conservatorship and have equal say regarding all medical decisions involving James.

If the mother has her way, she would’ve had the opportunity to start the process of chemical castration and injecting her son with puberty blockers at eight years old, just a few months from now. EIGHT YEARS OLD!

The mother has an agenda as evidenced by earlier court filings.

“Georgulas’ original petition to remove Younger’s parental rights declared the father had “engaged in emotionally abusive behavior,” which involved such atrocities as cutting James’ hair and other “non-affirming actions.” It added: “Although unclear if this behavior rises to the level of family violence at this time, the father’s aggression is becoming more common and more intense.””

Her agenda is that one of the twin boys MUST be a girl. Since the father won’t play her immoral game, she started the court process to take away his rights.

Keep in mind that James originally thought a female character from ‘Teen Titans Go!’ named Starfire was pretty cool, Mom encouraged and nagged him instead to be ‘Luna’ from “Frozen.”

See the agenda here? Jame’s mother wants him to be a girl. Not just ANY girl, but a girl of her choosing. She will do everything she can to destroy that boy’s life to fit her own agenda.

The jury bought into it. As did any of the major media outlets that thought this case was worthy of attention. Notice when an ABC, Washington Post, or CNN reports on the case, they refer to the child as “Luna” instead of James. The media is enabling this behavior.

Quite frankly, I think the judge is as well by putting a gag order on the case. Sunlight is and should be the best disinfectant in this case and others like it. And yes, I’m darned sure this case isn’t the only one we’ve seen or will see.

Texas Governor Abbott weighed in.

As it should be. A CHILD is being considered for multiple dangerous medical procedures due to the wishes of his mother. A CHILD is facing a lifetime of drugs that will contribute to future medical and mental health issues. This child’s mother, a pediatrician, somehow someway thinks it is right and ethical to determine that her own child is the wrong sex and is fine with altering her son physically and chemically. Alterations that that boy will have to live with for the rest of his life. She should be investigated and that child should be protected from her abuse.

However, according to one virulent trans activist, our objections aren’t because we care for the child.

Horseshit. WE are the ones who want to protect this child! We care that this child not be medically, physically, and mentally abused by a mother with a reprehensible agenda.The exploitation is coming from those with a far-left agenda who put THEIR immoral wants and needs ahead of protecting a child.

This interview aired prior to the Judge putting a gag order on the case.

Jeffrey Younger is not only fighting for his son’s right to be a little boy, he is fighting for ALL children who could be endangered by their parents, therapists, or doctors who believe that political agendas override the health and well-being of a child.

What Anne Georgulas wants to do to a SEVEN YEAR OLD  boy is morally, ethically, and horrifically wrong. If she ends up being allowed to irrevocably damage James Younger, we will all be forever stained by it.

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  • Trey says:

    I think that this father speaking out and bringing so much media attention to the case might be the only thing that caused this female judge to rule the way she did and let him retain 50% custody.

    Also, gag orders by judges are unconstitutional. Everyone should have their right to free speech and I would not pay a bit of attention to it. If he shuts up, the mother can appeal or refile and then in the darkness, get her evil way.

  • Grandma says:

    Dr Georgulas is not the boy’s biological mother.. She bought him as an a commercial transaction. I think that tells you everything you need to understand her behaviour here. The boy was only ever a lifestyle accessory now in need of upgrade to something more fashionable
    She has no more concern for the child than the woman willing to have the baby she stole cut in half in the biblical story.

  • Cameron says:

    Charles Clymer is a scum bag. The Army got smarter after he left.

    As for Anne Georgulas? She needs intense therapy as well as her license to practice medicine revoked.

    • Scott says:

      Clymer is a well used bag of F*@K, and needs to just crawl in a hole and die. He obviously doesn’t understand that NOONE gives a shit what he thinks about anything..

  • Teslaca says:

    How can anyone not see what this woman wants to do as abuse being inflicted on that child? I sure hope any parents that bring their children to her find another doctor that’s actually sane.

  • GWB says:

    A CHILD is being considered for multiple dangerous elective medical procedures due to the wishes pathological eccentricities of his mother.

    She should be investigated
    She should be arrested and locked away from children for the rest of her unnatural life.
    And that’s being kind.

    (And, concur with all those mentioning Clymer is an idiotic nutjob.)

    • Nina Bookout says:

      Maybe it should be pathological delusions? 😉

      Let’s hope she is and that the investigation is objective and relies upon facts instead of politically correct “science.”

  • Conservative amos says:

    It burns me up that this bitching hor can do this and get away with it everything about this is unconstitutional

  • ashlee says:

    this pediatrician appears to be mentally ill and should not be allowed to work with children

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