The Shooting That Never Was

The Shooting That Never Was

The Shooting That Never Was

“Did you hear about the mass shooting in New Jersey?” asked Victory Girl Amanda Green while I visited her this weekend.

“Shooting?” I hadn’t. There was no news alert on my phone, which I check religiously for updates about what’s going on in the world, so I started searching.

One suspect was killed, and 22 people were injured in a mass shooting at an arts festival in New Jersey yesterday.

Big news outlets did cover it. As of this morning, I’ve seen stories on CNN, BBC, Fox, LA Times, Washington Post, and the New York Times. But what I haven’t seen is any of the usual outrage that accompanies a shooting of this magnitude. There was no David Hogg screeching about stricter gun laws. There were no social media posts virtue signaling their outrage about the mass shooting. My usually well-informed leftist friends remained silent about the violence in Trenton, and there were no heartfelt “thoughts and prayers” from the right.

As of this morning, there’s no trending hashtag on Twitter either, even though a 13-year-old child was injured by the gunfire.


Well, perhaps this might shed a little light.

Officials said several fights sparked by disputes between neighborhood gangs broke out prior to the shooting. They also said officers warned that the event needed to be shut down before the shooting took place.


Witnesses told officials they heard people arguing inside the historic Roebling Wire Works venue moments before gunfire erupted. The fight soon spilled out into the street as attendees ran for cover.

Police said multiple people, including Tahaij Wells, 32, and Amir Armstrong, 23, then opened fire at each other. At least 1,000 people were in the area at the time.

Let’s examine this a bit further.

The shooter wasn’t a disgruntled white nationalist.

The violence was gang related. It was committed by a minority male who was recently released from prison on homicide-related charges.

New Jersey’s Governor just five days ago signed a slew of reactionary gun control bills in response to the Parkland shooting in February and the Hogglets’ subsequent media antics.

The new laws require background checks for private gun sales, ban the sale of armor piercing ammunition, reduce the capacity of ammunition magazines to 10 rounds and codify regulations regarding handgun permits. Another pair of laws will allow police to take firearms from people deemed to pose a threat to themselves or others.

“Today, I’m proud to sign this series of common-sense gun safety bills into law to protect our children and families from the reckless dangers of gun violence, something the federal government has failed to do on behalf of its residents,” Murphy said in a statement. “By setting these higher standards for gun safety, New Jersey continues to bolster its reputation as a national leader on this critical social and public health issue.”

And yet, a mere four days after Phil Murphy signed these so-called “common sense” gun control bills, two gang goblins went on a shooting spree at an arts festival, endangering more than 1000 lives, and several weapons were said to have been found at the scene, according to BBC.

Color me shocked.

Gang violence has been on the rise in the United States. Between 2011 and 2015, according to the National Gang Center, “we’ve seen an 8 percent increase in number of gangs, an 11 percent increase in members and a 23 percent increase in gang-related homicides.” The National Institute of Justice confirms that “Gun-related homicide is most prevalent among gangs and during the commission of felony crimes.

And as for the demographics of gang involvement? Well… here’s where it gets unpopular.

This shooting – like many other gang-related acts of violence – involved minorities, involved gangs, and supports assessments that show gang members to be responsible for roughly half of the gun-related crimes in metropolitan areas.

For some reason, gun grabbers don’t like that narrative. It’s much easier to just pass laws that have no hope of quelling violence than to acknowledge that there is a serious problem with gangs, that gangs – like other criminal elements – will not abide by the laws, and that said criminals tend to be part of the minority groups that liberals studiously protect from criticism.

Tahaij Wells, 33, the suspect who was killed, had recently been released from prison and was on parole since February on homicide-related charges, Onofri said. Amir Armstrong, 23, listed in stable condition, was charged with a weapons offense. It was not immediately known if he had an attorney who could comment.

Multiple weapons were confiscated, including a handgun with an extended capacity magazine containing more ammunition than is allowed under New Jersey law, Onofri said.

On Sunday, crime scene tape surrounded the site of the historic Roebling Wire Works Building that now shares a parking lot with a supermarket, bank and laundry.

Is it any wonder that no one wants to talk about it?

The Hogglets aren’t staging “die ins” in New Jersey, demanding “universal background checks,” a ban on high-capacity magazines, or “assault” weapons, because New Jersey already has them, and they have no hope of preventing gang violence.

The gun-grabber politicians aren’t screeching that “something” must be done, because they’re not willing to acknowledge the root of the problem or do things that are unpopular to fix them, such as maybe keep murderers, such as the now-corpsetastic Wells (who had recently been released from prison and was on parole since February on homicide-related charges) in prison where they belong!

This shooting doesn’t support the narrative, so it will be summarily ignored by the gun-grabbing maggots on all sides of the political aisle. They will just wait for the next white Trump supporter to lose his shit, and then blame Trump for the carnage and the failure to disarm us all.

And no one will remember the victims, because they don’t matter for anyone’s political purposes.

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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • SFC D says:

    NJ doesn’t need gun control. NJ needs criminal control. I will bet my next paycheck there was not a single NRA member or legally owned firearm involved in this fracas. What say you, David Hogg?

  • GWB says:

    And no one will remember the victims, because …
    Well, at least partly because none of them died (other than one of the perps). It just isn’t nearly as dramatic if you don’t have bodies to exploit.

    • MarkM says:

      We have more than enough dead victims in Chicago…but that does not make anything other than local news. The victims are rapidly forgotten … at a current rate of over 250 per year or so.

  • Mass murder says:

    […] people suspected of shooting at each other (it sounds like there were more people shooting) were Tahaij Wells and Amir Armstrong. Those names sound rather like the names an American convert to Islam might adopt, don't they?The […]

  • Robin H says:

    I live in NJ and my facebook friends, who after Parkland posted anti gun crap for weeks, have been very quiet. You would think we would be a bit more interested in it as we’re only 30 minutes from Trenton.

  • seeRpea says:

    “shot:” Tahaji Wells, 33, was one of the suspects in early morning shooting in Trenton that left 22 people injured, including 17 with gun shot wounds
    Wells was on early prison release for murder, as well as an additional sentence handed to him during incarceration for aiding Bloods gang actives in prison

    “chaser:” Governor Phil Murphy called for stricter gun laws federally after just having passed some of the strictest gun laws in the country for his state last week

  • TheVoiceInside says:

    It’s interesting that the writer lists herself as an “immigrant”, which roughly 98% of US citizens are. People still don’t get the meaning of “illegal”, I guess.

    As to the article itself, I thought we all knew that the media only cares about pretty white victims? Who the hell would have cared about Natalie Halloway if she weren’t a privileged white girl??

    • werewife says:

      Katie Steinle was a pretty, privileged white girl too, and her life didn’t matter at all. In fact, the jury practically let her murderer walk free in order to “send a message to Trump.” Just saying.

    • GWB says:

      No, 98% of Americans are NOT immigrants. They were born here. Marta is a first generation immigrant.

      And, no, the media doesn’t care about “pretty white victims” – unless it can be used to drive their narrative. The narrative is all they care about, anymore. And this shooting doesn’t advance that.

  • […] The mass shooting you won’t hear about 1 dead, 22 injured in New Jersey. Very little coverage. Why not? Several reasons. For one, the shooter wasn’t white. Two, he was a recently released ex-con. Three, he had several weapons illegal under New Jersey law, and four, it was a gang shooting. It doesn’t fit the gun control/racial narrative, so it’s ignored. Just like the sky-high homicide rates in Chicago and Baltimore. […]

  • Uncivil Comrade says:

    The Glorious People’s Republik of New Jersey? No thanks, I’ll pass.

  • Pa John says:

    There is a harsh reality behind many new laws that is very rarely discussed. State and local governments across the country are broke. Politicians desperately need to APPEAR to be “doing something” in order to get reelected and to keep those political donations pouring in. And they have to do all of that without spending any real money. Needless to say, in politics, appearances can be far more important than reality.

    Enter the NEW LAW: New laws cost very little to create, especially when their enforcement is not even funded beyond some short period of time, if at all. Creating endless New Laws makes for a great show of “doing something” and costs very little money to do, and so that is what we get, in spades. New law after new law after new law. Legislators legislating solely for the appearance of “doing something” in order to get those votes and to keep that money rolling in. It’s a dog and pony show designed to fool the people they basically see as ignorant masses. The fact that these endless news laws will be no better funded and thus no more effective than all the previous existing laws were is of little consequence to the political class. They do not believe that any long term consequences will directly effect them in any case.

    This is a very old scam many centuries old. Consider this old quote in it’s original Latin:
    “Corruptisima republica plurimae leges.” (The more corrupt a republic, the more numerous its laws.) – Tacitus

    No News at 11.

  • Mac Daddy says:

    Everybody knows that the Liberal Socialist Democratic Party doesn’t care for all the reasons stated above. What is worst this BS is modern day Slavery run by the Liberals like Nancy Pelosi & Bernie Sanders. These people believe that the Democratic party has all the black votes tied up in a ribbon & ready too go. But when a black man or woman speaks out about the President doing something good or they don’t agree with the Democratic party they are called Toms, Race Traitors & even worse. It is about time that the Middle-Class white & black stand together & make these Liberals live up to the Constitution or vote them out.

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