The Beatings Will Continue Until You Obey

The Beatings Will Continue Until You Obey

The Beatings Will Continue Until You Obey

It’s amazing that President Creepy has been loitering in the Oval Office for only 17 months. While Americans lose their savings and retirement accounts, watch food and energy gobble a bigger portion of their budget, Joe is mad at YOU for complaining.

Taking a page from Grandpa Simpson, old man Biden shakes his fist at the sky and feels if he yells his lies loud enough, you’ll believe them.

Whether he’s talking about the state of the economy or his exploits in college, the purported “facts” presented by the president don’t hold up to the most basic check.

His favorite falsehood in recent weeks is that Americans are better off financially under his leadership.

Say, what?

This is what comes from Creepy Joe never holding a real job in his life. Families without a Hunter in the wings to funnel foreign funny money into their hands are covering for budget shortfalls with their credit cards. Credit card debt is, as of April, about $1.103 trillion. As inflation for May topped 8% you know that figure is higher. Per the Federal Reserve, household debt has sharply risen to $15.84 TRILLION.

But wait! The latest sunny news from the Fed is:

Household spending expectations over the next year rose sharply to a new series high. Credit access perceptions (relative to a year ago) and expectations (one year from now) both deteriorated. Similarly, households’ perceptions and expectations for current and future financial situations both deteriorated in May.

Now why do you think, what with Creepy Joe’s claim that we are all financially “better off” than before, we’ve turned into such gloomy guses?

This is Carter’s “put a sweater on” malaise weaponized into blatant gaslighting.

To make it worse, Biden’s hate-America handlers are hard at work shoving through policies that no rational adult would ever support. Whether it is going forward with the child abuse and exploitation of the Radical Trans & Queer agenda to trying to institute California’s anti-small business AB5 via the Department of Labor.

Nice priorities, right? Close off avenues for people to have their own small business and demand that parents step away from protecting their kids from being maimed and sterilized.

However, you know that Biden, et al, have no time to listen to you complain. You’re not on the “right side of history”. You will lose your car, one way or another, live as your Ruling Class decrees, and you will be happy.

Or the flogging will continue.

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