Thank You

Thank You

Veteran’s Day is understandably an important day for the ladies at Victory Girls. Some are veterans, some come from military families, all are fervent supporters of those who serve our nation in uniform. I fall into the second and third categories of that list and will raise the flag that my Blackhawk crew chief uncle flew over Iraq and had signed by his crew.

I have spoken previously about being a daddy’s girl, and that will never change. I have also stated that the three most important men in my life are veterans. Still true. If I could thank them every minute for their service and contributions to the way I view the world, I would- and it still wouldn’t seem as if it were enough.

I frequently wonder just “who” my dad is. He isn’t the same man who left for Vietnam; I heard that enough from my aunt and my grandmother before she passed. Did he tear up at the singing of our national anthem even then? Did he place his hat over his heart before the flag was even raised? Did he treat others as if he were their drill sergeant, or was he not-so-strict? Was he so cynical, or did he have hopes and dreams for the world?

When I think of him and the other two most important men in my life, I wish I could take away the pain of their losses, of that which is branded in both their minds and hearts. But I know they wouldn’t allow me to do so.

THAT is why we celebrate Veteran’s Day, because they who sacrifice do it willingly and accept that which accompanies it, both good and bad.

To them, I say “Thank you.” Thank you for giving me so much without even realizing it, not only through your service, but by teaching me to appreciate. You mean more to me than I could possibly articulate. I hope someday to be worthy of your sacrifices.

To those who have also worn the uniform of our nation’s armed services, I thank you as well for answering the call.

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  • Merle says:

    Thanks for this post.


  • Ruthie says:

    Thank you for sharing this story. God bless your father and all who served. It is such a pleasure to honor all the brave men and women who have served in The United States Armed Forces. Thank you ~ <3

  • JD says:

    From a veteran I appreciate your thoughts. I however always feel embarrassed whenever someone says thank you for your service. I don’t know what to say back. For me it was simple I was brought up by a navy vet of WWII he taught me that military service was the “right” thing for a young man to do. So just before I turned 18 I enlisted in the air force. I then spent twenty years there. I didn’t do it to get thanks or anything like that. Post Vietnam service was not a lot of fun, (I went active duty about three weeks after the fall of Saigon). I watched the attitude of America go from hating or not caring the military to being proud of our troops. An interesting change to say the least. But one thing I did find to be absolutely true. My old man never spoke of his wartime service with me until I returned from Desert Storm. I now know why any veteran who has seen any form of combat can never truly make someone who has not seen it understand. So if you or anyone you know still clams up about their war try to get them to find another combat vet to swap stories with, ( and not some silly support group) just another guy or gal who’s been there. I know it helped my old man to talk about Dec 8 1941 the day he ship pulled into Pearl Harbor, then his days of the pacific islands with kamikazes coming in. He seemed to mellow after some of his stories came out. Maybe it was age, but I don’t think so. So if you meet me please don’t thank me it only embarrass’s me just know I did what I did cause it was the “right” thing to do.

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