Terror Attack in Stockholm Sweden: What We Know So Far [VIDEOS]

Terror Attack in Stockholm Sweden: What We Know So Far [VIDEOS]

Terror Attack in Stockholm Sweden: What We Know So Far [VIDEOS]

Sweden has a problem. Not only is rape on the rise, Stockholm has now come under attack by an as-of-yet-unknown assailant(s). That said, the attack has all the hallmarks of Islamic terrorism. Here’s what we know so far:

Stockholm, Sweden. Click to enlarge. (Photo Credit: CNN)
  • The truck used was stolen earlier in the day from the brewing company Spendrups
  • The vehicle sped through the street, hitting pedestrians, before slamming into a shopping center downtown
  • Reports say gunfire was heard; it’s unclear who was firing
  • Conflicting reports say one suspect is under arrest, with at least one, possibly two, other suspects being sought by authorities
  • Two (with reports saying up to 5) people are dead, with many more injured; one photo shows a pet dog killed by the speeding truck
  • Police are “treating the incident as terror-related”
  • No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack
  • The attack follows the United States’ response to chemical weapons being used on Syria’s own citizens, and a string of identical terrorist attacks, as transpired in London just days ago
  • Reports say this man is being sought by police in connection with the attack:

Here are videos and images from the scene:


Here’s that shot from another angle:


Stockholm, Sweden (Photo Credit: Daily Mail)

Meanwhile, reports say 150 ISIS fighters left and returned to Sweden; the Swedish minister’s response is to “integrate” them.

Will Sweden’s ruling government ever wake up? Or will it continue down the treacherous path Angela Merkel has helped build? Sadly, the answer seems to be the latter.

The details are emerging, and the situation remains fluid, so as with any breaking news, the specifics may change and evolve. Victory Girls will update with any new information as it becomes available. As always, please keep Sweden in your thoughts and prayers.

[UPDATE 12:30 PT]: Four people are now confirmed dead, and one suspect is under arrest. Fifteen are wounded; nine of them seriously.

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  • GWB says:

    First, I really think the present-day oligarchs/aristocrats think none of this will touch them. After all, that stuff happens to the peasants.

    Second, at least a beer truck fire should be easy to put out, right?

    (OK, OK, I denounce myself.)

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      And even then, I don’t think they’d admit they’re wrong about multiculturalism. Their ideology trumps common sense, just as it does here in America.

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