Ted Wheeler Backs Antifa in The People’s Republic of Portland

Ted Wheeler Backs Antifa in The People’s Republic of Portland

Ted Wheeler Backs Antifa in The People’s Republic of Portland

What good is a police force when they do not intervene on a riot? About as good a a city mayor who backs said police officers in their decision.

I used to love going to Portland but now, the Rose City doesn’t smell much like a rose. Tents pop up out of nowhere, oftentimes in the middle of sidewalks. Homeless encampments reek of marijuana. A few years back we had to explain a few things to our son one early evening while en route to a restaurant to enjoy dinner and an IPA in The Pearl. The first was why people addicted to drugs have bad complexions (after a man approached us and asked us to buy his flip phone for cash). The second was what the belt and syringe he saw on the sidewalk was used for. It all made for some heavy dinner discussion but I vowed after hearing about my uncle who died of a heroin overdose on a building rooftop when I was 10, that I would always be straight with my child about the dangers of drugs. We made memories that night (sarcasm).

This was downtown Portland this past Saturday night:

This brawl broke out at a Patriot Prayer Rally, which descended into chaos when Antifa leftists arrived. Imagine that. Police were on the scene then but did nothing during the day when Antifa protesters got in the middle of downtown traffic and started cursing the drivers and even chasing down one driver who didn’t follow their orders.

All of this was supposed to be a “law and order” demonstration, ironically. ‘Scuse me while I chuckle.

I was appalled by what I saw in the video, but I support the Portland Police Bureau’s decision not to intervene,. This whole incident will be investigated.”-Ted Wheeler

And, if you’re looking to travel to PDX, you, too can experience the excitement:

This is not the first time Ted Wheeler made his agenda known. Back in August, he told Portland police not to respond to threats to the ICE property or the building when demonstrators were “occupying” the vicinity, saying “the federal government has its own police for that“.

Mayor Ted Wheeler also questioned the arrests of homeless individuals in the city this past summer, stating these arrests will be “investigated“. Pile this on with a lack of staffing and resources for the Portland police force and their hands are tied.

Ted Wheeler may as well bite the bullet and come out in defense of Antifa. Portland, Oregon is the epitome of what can go wrong with Progressive policies and thought. A beautiful city overrun with homeless drug addicts, tent cities, criminals, fascists protesting in the streets and causing grief for innocent people minding their own business. Because of these progressive policies, the city now has a police force with their hands tied when it comes to enforcing law and order. All while hipster white folks (because most of them are hipster white folks, let’s face it) sit on their front porches with “All Are Welcome Here” banners, sipping Kombucha and are completely blind to the fact that this garbage is going on all around them. They’re happy little sows rolling around in their own liberal utopian cesspool of “sanctuary and inclusion” while toddlers are tripping over dirty heroin needles. Who cares? They don’t have kids. They aborted any of their chances. They’ll even eat ice cream to celebrate it, too.

The last time I was in Portland was in January when we took our son and his friend to a con to meet Norman Reedus (Daryl) of The Walking Dead. En route to the venue, we literally had to walk around a TENT on the SIDEWALK that reeked of weed. That was when I explained to my kid what he just smelled was marijuana. More fun times with the fam. Meeting some real-life zombies made for a fun, theme-filled weekend.

Portland is embarrassing and gross these days and not a safe place to be. It’s a festering sore, really, with puss just oozing out of it. Street riots. Needles. Trash. Running into tents on sidewalks. If this sounds like a party to you, keep voting for Democrats like Ted Wheeler and Kate Brown in the great state of Oregon. Portland. The city that Antifa built.

Photo Credit: KPTV.com

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  • Robin H says:

    With all the great places in this country to visit, I can easily skip Portland. Unfortunately so many of the cities are going the same way under their decades of democrat rule. Sad, very sad.

  • GWB says:

    Certainly seems like someone needs to sue Wheeler for a conspiracy to violate their civil rights. And the federal government should intervene under Article Four, Section Four, Clause 1 (guaranteeing a republican form of gov’t).

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