Targeting Jews, Democrats’ “Blue Supremacism”

Targeting Jews, Democrats’ “Blue Supremacism”

Targeting Jews, Democrats’ “Blue Supremacism”

Targeting Jews was the purview of Hitler’s Brown Shirts. Now it’s the Standard Operating Procedure of the Democrats’ “Blue Supremacism”. Appealing to SCOTUS for an emergency injunction to gather and worship, Orthodox Jews are treated worse than criminals, and inferior to Democrat Blue revelers in Cuomo’s New York City.

Imagine being told that you can’t gather to worship. Despite following the rules and precaution protocols, you and your religious brethren are singled out by political leaders as a reason for spreading a virus. Now imagine that less than 100 years ago, a politician and his media supplicants were responsible for the vilification of your religious ancestors.

Fortunately for most of us, this is an abstract question. Unfortunately for American Orthodox Jews, it’s a flashpoint for what New York Governor Cuomo is doing today. Namely, per the Writ,

Governor’s guilt-by-religious-association restrictions have made it impossible for Applicants and their members to exercise their religious faith. The restrictions have eliminated the ability of many Jews to worship on important religious holy days. None of this is necessary to protect public health. The Governor has admitted that the restrictions are not based on science, but rather on “fear” and “emotion” about areas that would be “safe zones” in other states.”

The Governor is accused of using “fear” and “emotion” to single out a specific religious minority community. Wasn’t there another politician who used a crisis to single out the Jewish community… Um, gosh… err. A politician who scapegoated Jews for the perils of the day… gosh.. I’m sure it will come to me.

Thankfully, America has avenues for redress – while they last. The New York City Orthodox community has filed with the SCOTUS for an Emergency Writ of Injunction, citing

For six weeks and counting, Applicants have been laboring under discriminatory restrictions on their religious exercise. Their neighborhoods and religious institutions have been—in the words of the Governor himself—“targeted.” The Governor publicly asserted that other Orthodox Jews had violated his prior rules, and therefore the Governor imposed severe restrictions on worship across several Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods.

And they aren’t wrong. They are being targeted. Enter, the “Blue Supremacists”, whereby all preferred Democrat Blue groups have priority rights over and above all other Americans.

Early on when Orthodox Jews were prevented from gathering within protocol guidelines, New York City was erupting in riots. Following the election last week it was filled with mass gatherings to celebrate Biden’s questionable electoral victory.  The New Yorker reports on spontaneous gatherings throughout the city, writing,

At the corner of Tenth and A, where there’s been a monument to covid deaths since the pandemic began, crowds had gathered on all four corners.

Even “Coronavirus Crooner Schumer” was out amongst the masses of people. Hey Chuck, fix your mask buddy. Over the nose it goes.

AMNY writes,

The party was on again in Washington Square Park in Manhattan, where hundreds celebrated just last night. On Saturday, Senate Minority Leader and New York Senator Chuck Schumer was among the revelers.

The Coronavirus “hot zone” where Cuomo says,

“We know religious institutions have been a problem,” and, “We know mass gatherings are a super-spreader event. We know there have been mass gatherings going on in concert with religious institutions in these communities for weeks. I don’t mean little violations – you’re only supposed to have 50, they had 55. I’m talking about you’re only supposed to have 50 outdoors, they had 1,000.”

This park is located in the same borough that Cuomo is focusing his anti-Orthodox rhetoric. Attending a religious gathering is prohibited. But this is okay. Good thing being a “Blue Supremacist” allows more than 50 people outdoors.

After seeing this double standard, why would anyone think they have targeting on their back? We all know a yellow star on the arm works just fine.

The “mainstream” (left bias) media is ignoring the latest development in the evolving case. CNN has nothing on their website as of 0222 central time. MSNBC (hahaha, yeah well I had to check), has nothing. The “right leaning” (haha) Fox has a story on the pending litigation. One would think that a case concerning religious liberty would rate a small mention on more than one outlet. But unless the story is demeaning to religion, or supports the narrative that followers of religion are bigots, I’m sure the media will ignore it. Especially if it paints their preferred politicians in a negative light.

And to be fair, the story has all the optics of heavy handed governor focusing on a specific group. Ironically, this is exactly what the media accused Trump of doing. The difference being, Trump didn’t actually do it, and certainly not to American citizens.

I do suppose it’s a high threshold to expect a lapdog media to actually consider the implications of targeting a group who was tormented by actual Nazi’s, versus just assigning the word to people they don’t like. For an epic takedown of CNN’s Amanpour’s complete misuse of history, read here. Nothing says “shilling for the Blue” like misusing history to support a false narrative. “Blue Supremacism” at its finest.

We’ll agree the Democrats unquestionably hold high “Blue Supremacism” when it comes to denying Americans their fundamental rights. Their party has long and auspicious history to uphold. Freed slaves living under Jim Crow laws, Japanese Americans being sent to prison camps, and Obama using the full force of the IRS to subvert Tea Party Patriots, I’m willing to consider this par for the course in the Democrats long lived comfort with suppressing the Bill of Rights.

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"CC" to her friends. Recent escapee from Northern VA to the Great State of Texas. I'm a Pro-LIfe, Pro-Gun, Libertarian type... There is very little that fresh lime juice and good tequila can't fix.

  • Scott says:

    To paraphrase DiFi, “racism lives loud in the dems” There’s no question tat your assessments of the behavior of Cuomo and others that the dems value more highly are spot on..
    As for your comment “One would think that a case concerning religious liberty would rate a small mention on more than one outlet”, the only two religions that the left worries about infringement upon are “progressivism”, and islam (maybe because of all the similarities between the two.
    All that being said, the American Jewish community has voted lockstep for the dems for decades, second only to blacks. So while what is being done to them in this situation is completely inappropriate, and should be dealt with, there is no question that they’ve in large part brought this on themselves. Before anyone accuses me of “victim blaming” look at the voting records in these areas, to include this election, AFTER they’d be targeted the way they are, and I’m sure you’ll find that they overwhelmingly supported the same tyrants that would / have oppressed them. I don’t have the advanced degrees required to analyze why they (or other groups) continue to behave like this, but it does seriously decrease my sympathy for them when they face the unsurprising consequences of their actions…

  • Scott, I could not agree with you more. American Jewry has always rabidly voted for, donated to and vocally attacked any and every Republican. They have embraced “the squad” en masse, financially supporting them and promoting their anti semitic agenda. The MSM and especially the NYT is saturated with Jewish owners, columnists and opinion formers. American Jewry has been pushing a wicked marxist agenda to destroy the USA for decades. I fail to comprehend their sudden disenchantment with the crocodile they lavishly feed. It’s turning on them? Very few things in this world happen without a reason. Should American Jewry find themselves more alienated after this election, they will hopefully do some introspection.,

  • Anna A says:

    The article is talking about Orthodox Jews, which are a specific branch of Judaism. It is my understanding that they tend more toward voting Republican. I agree with both of you that the other branches, Reform, Conservative and non-religious do vote almost blindly for the Democrats.

    Another thing that I am seeing in my Jerusalem Post emails is that they are pro Mr. Biden, without realizing the danger that his Presidency would bring to Israel. (The comments are most interesting there, and are often pro Mr, Trump)

    • Sigh. A “Jew” is someone who follows the prescriptions of Judaism, starting with the five basic books.

      A Hebrew is a person descended from an ancient tribe in the area along the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

      There is some overlap between the two – but they are by no means congruent.

      I am a descendant of followers of the Christian religion, for many generations back. But I am not an “agnostic Christian” – there is no such thing. Nor is there such a thing as a “non-Orthodox Jew” – there are only Hebrews who follow a non-Judaic religion (and all of the “Socialist” ideologies are religions).

    • Hmph. Posting this as a comment, as I have no idea whether the contact page does actually send – it gives me the same error…

      Odd behavior happening in the comment system. Firefox (latest version) – click post on a comment, an error page comes up (no useful information). Resend, and you get a “duplicate comment” page. Go back and refresh the post page, and the comment is there, so it isn’t losing things; just annoying.

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