Think Trump is Conservative? Check this List.

Think Trump is Conservative? Check this List.

Donald Trump is no conservative. His supporters who think The Donald has made a conversion from being a New York liberal are deluding themselves.

A video was just released providing a visual compilation of all the decidedly un-conservative positions Trump has taken. Some recordings are from years past, and others are surprisingly recent.

In case anyone still is convinced that Trump is a true conservative, here is a list of those issues in which Trump is anything but:

  • Free Trade: At the sixth GOP debate, Trump declared that he was “totally open to a tariff” on items coming from China. This is not free trade. Marco Rubio helpfully explained to the business whiz that tariffs harm consumers by raising prices at home, and they do not help economic development. Besides, what would a tariff do to the price of his fabulous shirts?


  • Single-Payer Health Care: At the first official debate in August, 2015, Trump declared that single-payer health care “works in Canada, it works incredibly well in Scotland.” Avik Roy in Forbes pointed out that wait times for Canadian health care are horrendous, but since 90% of Canadians live near the U.S. border, many are willing to travel to the United States for care. And Scotland? It has one of the worst health care records in Europe. Trump advocated for a private single-payer system, which Roy calls “an unaccountable, trillion-dollar private insurance monopoly.”
  • Funding Crony Republicans: Do you believe Trump is “anti GOP establishment?” Think again. In 2013 and 2014, Trump donated big bucks to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, as well as Karl Rove’s American Crossroads SuperPAC. He also gave $100,000 to the Congressional Leadership Fund, a PAC that was formed by Boehner to crush Tea Party candidates.
Click to enlarge. Credit: RedState.
  • Eminent Domain: Trump is a ‘yuuuuge’ fan of taking property from a small property owner and giving it to another private entity. He notoriously tried to evict Atlantic City widow Vera Coking from her home in order to build a limo parking lot for his adjacent casino in the 1990’s. He failed, but was delighted with the 2005 Kelo decision, which would’ve permitted him to rip Mrs. Coking from her home. “I happen to agree with it 100%,” he told Fox’s Neil Cavuto. The great conservative philosopher Russell Kirk declared “conservatives are persuaded that freedom and property are closely linked.” Trump certainly does not subscribe to Kirk’s concept of property. Or perhaps he didn’t get the memo.

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