Were Navy Patrol Boats Surrendered Due to Iran Nuke Deal? [VIDEO]

Were Navy Patrol Boats Surrendered Due to Iran Nuke Deal? [VIDEO]

The 170-page report issued by the Navy on January’s capture of US patrol boats that entered Iranian waters had plenty of blame to go around. But it also revealed a shocking claim by the commander in charge.


The boats were surrendered to Iran because of Obama’s pending nuclear deal with Iran. As the unnamed commander of the two patrol boats claimed, Iran “wants this nuke deal to go through.” He also felt that the nuclear deal negotiations would protect his 10 sailors from harm at the hands of the Iranians. As he put it, “I guess this was a gamble on my part. … I made the gamble that they were not going to kill us. I made the gamble they were not going to parade us around like prisoners of war because they want this nuke deal to go through.”

But that’s not all.

The partially redacted report was also critical of the behavior of the sailors once in Iranian custody. One made statements “adverse to US interests,” while another encouraged his fellow sailors to eat the food prepared for them — all while being videotaped by their Iranian captors.

Others disclosed information about the patrol boats, and another sailor went so far as to give the Iranians the password to a personal laptop that was confiscated.

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