#Normandy: Terrorists Murder Priest, ISIS Claims Responsibility [VIDEO]

#Normandy: Terrorists Murder Priest, ISIS Claims Responsibility [VIDEO]

Nice, Munich, Ansbach, Wurzbur, Reutlingen, Garde-Columbe. What do they all have in common? Every single one of those killed or injured is a victim of a terrorist attack. Every. Single. One. And now, we must add another horrific attack to the list.

Two men claiming allegiance to Islamic State killed a priest and gravely injured another person Tuesday during morning Mass at a church in a northern French town, authorities said, the latest in a string of attacks that have shocked Western Europe over the last two weeks.

84 year old Father Jaques Hamel, who’d been retired for a decade, was filling in for one of the other priests who was on holiday.

Father Jacques Hamel

A nun was able to escape and notify the authorities.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous when talking to Le Figaro, said: ‘They came suddenly. They took space. They spoke Arabic. I saw a knife.
‘I left when they began to attack the father Jacques. I do not even know if they realized that I was leaving.’

It is likely the other hostages would’ve been killed if it weren’t for her quick thinking and the rapid response of the French anti-terrorist police. Another nun reports horrific additional details of the attack.

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