#Ansbach Suffers Suicide Bombing In Latest German Terror Attack [VIDEO]

#Ansbach Suffers Suicide Bombing In Latest German Terror Attack [VIDEO]

#Ansbach Suffers Suicide Bombing In Latest German Terror Attack [VIDEO]

Just hours after I wrote about the murder of a pregnant woman by a Syrian refugee, the city of Ansbach near Nuremberg suffered an apparent suicide attack. At first blush the media thought it was a gas explosion, but later in the video below the press reported that it was definitely caused by an explosive device. Thankfully the attacker only succeeded in killing himself and injuring just 12 others in the blast.

Details are spotty at best at this point but we do know according to social media reports that the suspected bomber was a Syrian refugee who was recently denied asylum. Ansbach mayor Carda Seidel confirmed that the blast was intentional and caused by an explosive device and that the area around the wine bar has been cordoned off by anti-terror police just after the blast occurred at 10 p.m. local time. Attendees at a nearby music festival were evacuated as a precautionary measure.

First responders arrive on site in Ansbach
First responders arrive on site in Ansbach

The attack ends a week where Germany has been rocked by attack after attack mounted by refugees who had emigrated to the country and highlights a major issue within Germany. An Afghan refugee attacked citizens on a train a week ago while screaming “Allah ackbar!”. Friday another attack took place when an Iranian born German man opened fire on children eating in a McDonald’s in Munich, also screaming the dreaded saying before shooting and killing nine people. Sunday morning brought news of a pregnant woman being hacked to death by a young refugee from Syria wielding a machete. The major issue at stake here is Merkel’s “open door” immigration policy which let in a million of these refugees last year.

Ansbach mayor Carda Seidel

Germany has suffered greatly over the past year due to those refugees admitted to the country by Merkel’s policy who have been attacking German citizens, most famously in a rape epidemic that took place on New Years eve in the German city of Cologne. Months after the attacks, it came to light that German police had been instructed to  redact the word “rape” from their initial reports. Many did not comply, which is how the world found out what had actually happened that night. There has been a report released recently by the German police division that deals with sexual crimes, stating that there has been an epidemic of child rape in Germany as well causing worry about immigrants attitudes towards children.

For now all we can do is pray that the epidemic of terror that has plagued Germany for the past week and cost ten people their lives is over. For my part I will offer prayers of healing and sympathy for those in Bavaria and throughout the region.

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  • GWB says:

    The man in Munich apparently did not shout “allahu ackbar”. He did shout that he was German and muslim. The other tidbit there is that he lured people to the McD’s with offers of free food, on FB.

    Note, too, that the bomber had his application for asylum rejected a year ago. But, he had asylum in every practical sense because they didn’t deport him. The reason? Because Syria is too dangerous right now. *facepalm*

  • Jennifer says:

    LOL, makes sense to me. I personally think that initial reports of that that disappear later, I am instantly wary of. Call me crazy but I just don’t trust the media to be honest.

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