Debate Preview: How Low Is The Bar Set? [VIDEO]

Debate Preview: How Low Is The Bar Set? [VIDEO]

Tonight is the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The race, which is currently a statistical dead heat, will most likely get a bit of a shakeup after a 90 minute mano-a-mano. How much of a shakeup will completely depend on the performances of the candidates.
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One of the more interesting television quirks is coming into play, as revealed on Twitter.

Hillary apparently wanted a stepstool so she would look equal in height to Trump. That was rejected, so the podiums are being custom made so that each candidate will appear the same height in their head-on television shots. The height difference will still be obvious in shots with both candidates side-by-side. It’s probably not a good idea to put Hillary on a stepstool anyway. That would be a harder fall, should she collapse again.

The two biggest things that viewers will be watching for is Hillary’s physical stamina, and to see which version of Donald Trump will show up to the debate.

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