Kellyanne Conway To Counsel President Trump [VIDEO]

Kellyanne Conway To Counsel President Trump [VIDEO]

Kellyanne Conway, the first woman to lead a successful Presidential Campaign has accepted the post of White House Counselor to the President, for President Elect Trump. Excuse me while I do my super de duper happy dance.

Kellyanne Conway, is not new to the game and is no cupcake. Her educational resume lists Trinity College, Oxford University and George Washington University Law Center, not too shabby. She spent eight summers packing blueberries, so she’s not afraid of hard work. She has four children, including twins, really not afraid of hard work.

Kellyanne Conway, White House Counselor

I am going to editorialize right here. I know that it gets remarked upon on the right a lot. It just really frosts my cookies that Democrat women are held up as heroes and Republican women are vilified.

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