Hillary Screams At Greenpeace Activist, Will She Adjust Her Tone With The FBI? [Video]

Hillary Screams At Greenpeace Activist, Will She Adjust Her Tone With The FBI? [Video]

Gracious me. Hillary Clinton just can’t catch a break these days! Those pesky little annoyance hurdles just keep cropping up and disturbing her rhythm don’tcha know?

This is not the election you're looking for. (Photo Credit: drkatesview)
This is not the election you’re looking for. (Photo Credit: drkatesview)

Fielding the same questions over and over regarding the issues can definitely wear on a candidate’s nerves. But most of the time said candidates are able to take a deep breath and continue to deal with it.  I said most of the time. Yesterday it became evident that Hillary is tired, VERY tired of interacting with and getting questions from the minions she expects to vote for her.

I kid you not. Hillary is SO SICK of Bernie lying about her! Wow and WOW. I bet her campaign was wishing for a rope line right about then…


The fact is. Hillary was asked a pretty decent question while the erstwhile Presidential candidate was walking through the crowd. So Hillary’s reaction is…well… noteworthy.

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