Thousands of WA Patriots Plan Mass Disobedience of New Gun Laws

Over 6,000 gun owners and pro-gun supporters in the state of Washington plan to defy a new draconian gun law next month by transferring, buying, and selling…

How Open Carry Texas Forced Chipotle to Ban Guns

By Kit Lange and Cassy Fiano Open Carry Texas has done it again. Under the guise of advancing gun rights, the group decided to stroll into a…

WI Gun Owner Open Carries Legally and Scares All His Liberal Neighbors

Poor, wussy liberals. A man walking down Mequon Road carrying a loaded shotgun on his back, and a handgun on his waist had concerned residents flooding Germantown…

You support the Second Amendment? You’re probably a domestic terrorist!

A report this week described how American citizens who support the United States Constitution (specifically the Second Amendment) were portrayed as “domestic terrorists” in training drills carried…

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