Dove’s #RealMoms Ad features a Dad who asserts he’s Mom [VIDEO]

Dove’s #RealMoms Ad features a Dad who asserts he’s Mom [VIDEO]

Never let it be said that much of American corporate advertising can’t find the best way to prostitute itself to the latest cultural fads. Let’s watch this together and analyze.

The whole setup for this Oh! Look! DIVERSITY!!! Yea, us! is in the very first sentence uttered:

“Everyone has ideas what it means to be a good mom and most people feel like they have a license to tell you what they think what it means to be a good mom.”

In other words, SHUT UP.

I find such a hostile opening to an advertisement to buy soap curious. What demographic is this aimed at? When did appeals to shut-uppery become positive? Indeed, it is followed by SAHM Jazzie taking care of an adorable baby but even she is featured telling older generations to, basically, eff off

“Often times, a grandma, uncles, great grandmas, they want you to do it their way, but I have to be that woman that stands her ground.”

21 seconds into a 1:47 ad and we are being told that the whole concept of motherhood, and any experiences that transcend history and culture, not only have no relevance for contemporary mothers but are to be dismissed with prejudice by today’s #RealMoms.

But the best is yet to come.

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