Anti-Vaxxers Autism Rhetoric Leads To Minnesota’s Largest Measles Outbreak In 30 Years [VIDEO]

Anti-Vaxxers Autism Rhetoric Leads To Minnesota’s Largest Measles Outbreak In 30 Years [VIDEO]

The other day I wrote about the measles outbreak in Minnesota. It’s a situation that is causing major problems across the spectrum. Well, it’s gotten worse. Last week there were 30 cases. By Thursday there were 41 cases.

As of today, there are now 44 children suffering from measles in Minnesota. It’s the worst outbreak in 30 years. Unfortunately it’s not just those children and their families that are affected. Measles is incredibly dangerous to those with any type of autoimmune disease, cancer, or to the elderly who have weakened immune systems. Thus the hospitals have had to either cancel major procedures for cancer patients or sent them elsewhere to hospitals that aren’t currently treating measles patients.

Let me repeat that. The risk that measles is posing to others has led to doctors and hospitals postponing or moving care of their other patients to another location in order to keep them safe. That is, as long as the measles doesn’t follow the patients to other counties.

What is one of the major causes of the Somali community NOT vaccinating their children? Cue up the discredited “scientist/doctor/charletan” Andrew Wakefield.

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