Oh No! It Isn’t Just About White Privilege Anymore-What About Lesbian Privilege?

Oh No! It Isn’t Just About White Privilege Anymore-What About Lesbian Privilege?

So this week I am departing from my streak of shari’ah coverage to bring you an interesting (if not downright amusing) look into the minds of those curious life forms known as Millennials. These can be seen on college campuses across the nation, and can be observed near the water coolers and coffee machines of offices across our great nation discussing burning neo-socialist ideas like the movement known as “15 NOW!” which is the move to push the Federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. Another interesting side of Millennial culture that can be observed in this generation is the interesting concept of “privilege”. This word is most often paired with the term “Check your” -as in “Check your privilege” which is defined by the Urban Dictionary (not usually a bastion of Conservative thought) as:

“A term screamed by far left sheltered liberals when they hear a white person say something that might offend someone that isn’t a straight white male. You will have this term screamed at you if say anything offensive to the LGBT, blacks, or any other kind of person thats not white, straight or male.”

You see privilege applies to many “minorities” in the Millennial culture, as listed in the quote above. One that has been a focus discussion with friends of mine as of late has been the concept of lesbian privilege. If you are settling back in your chair and rubbing your forehead, wondering just what “lesbian privilege” is, I have some examples for you to ponder. One comes to me from a site called xojane.com from a blog posting entitled “After 15 years of Lesbianism, I Am Dating Men And I Have No Idea What I Am Doing”. This was a hilarious look into the mind of a former “Gold Star Lesbian” (this is a new term for me, and I had a lesbian roommate in college! Who knew?) who at the age of 35 is learning those valuable lessons most of us straight women learned from our mothers and girlfriends when we were about 15. Things like:

“How to catch a man. Gift-giving tips. Recipes for romance. Is he marriage material? Are you? What exactly is marriage material? Probably chiffon. 1001 sex tips. I’m sorry, did you just tell him you love him AFTER labor day?  Whatever you do don’t order chai. Men hate chai.  1001 flirting fails. Clothing men hate but women love.  Your tank top repulses him.  Are those culottes? Who do you think you are? Lena Dunham? Men HATE Lena Dunham.  Your bra straps are showing, you whore.”

Actress Lena Dunham, evidently the bain of men’s existence

I have to be honest reading this blog posting, I was rolling on the floor laughing my straighter than straight posterior off at these things. At least she did not stumble upon the book “The Rules: A Dating Journal” or she would have really been lost! She was also struggling with concepts like “Should I play hard to get?” and other various amusing things that every woman has struggled with since the inception of time. I answered a posting on Facebook discussing the post as “LOL! This was HILARIOUS! We straight ladies have thought WTF about menfolk at some time in our lives! Welcome!”, and I meant it. Really ladies, who among us has not looked at our husband or boyfriend and thought “WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON??”. Show me a woman who denies it and I will show you a pretty little liar.

Lierre Keith, radical feminist and vegan

Another, less amusing, example of lesbian privilege comes to us from my dear friend Daylight Disinfectant as a result of an investigation he did on campus conferences at a local University. He attended a radical feminist conference (brave of any man) and got some prime video of many crazy things but the one that stood out to me as a great example of this lesbian privilege concept was a woman named Lierre Keith who gave a presentation during which she had a giant slide of a penis on the wall behind her calling for the abolition of the white race (of which she is a member) and of men (who she bears a striking resemblance to). At the closing of her presentation she says:

“Liberty and a living planet will only be won when masculinity, its religion, its economics, it’s psychology and it’s sex is resisted and finally defeated.”

I doubt that she, and her ilk, would know anything of liberty. You can see the whole four minute presentation here. In short, I question where our society is going when certain groups are seen to have “privilege” over other groups. What ever happened to Gallatians 3:26 “So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith”? Oh, right, I forgot that would be seen as Christian privilege. Perhaps we all just need to stop seeing ourselves as victims of one another and simply work together. What a concept!

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  • Merle says:

    Well, more lesbians means less overpopulation 🙂


  • Jennifer says:

    Touché! But what happens when the supply dwindles? #ohdear

  • anonymous says:

    A thought to ponder: when genetic testing becomes able to detect homosexuality in utero, these freakish, disgusting individuals will cease to exist–they will all be aborted.

    It has been known since the 1980s that homosexuality is caused by certain types of hormonal imbalance in the mother during pregnancy. It’s been replicated in vitro and in vivo, in birds and in mammals. The mechanisms are not yet well understood, but they’re working on it. So it’s going to go away with every other birth defect, from Down’s to congenital deafness.

    The organized LGBTOMGWTFBBQ mob knows this. And when the testing becomes available–which I suspect will be sooner than you think, given the resources being put into this kind of research, and the anticipated market demand–they’re going to call it “eugenics” and “genocide” and demand that the state ban the tests. Then we’re going to see who stands higher on the political correctness totem pole, feminists or the Frisco Freakshow NAMBLA mob. I suspect feminists will win, because the other group is at most 1% of the population, and while they have been very useful in the Left’s nihilistic campaign of total social destruction, the feminists’ absolutist view of abortion as a holy sacrament, along with the fact that objectively judged, these miserable, wretched, self-loathing perverts are anything but “gay,” (what woman wants to give birth to a self-hating perverted freak who will bring shame to the family?) will eliminate them from society more thoroughly than even a certain Herr Schicklgruber dreamed was possible. Endlösung via Roe vs. Wade, how ironic.

    The fact that we’re even talking about such things is enough to cause hollow laughter in Hell.

  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    Can hardly wait to hear the nuanced, well-thought-through, “sustainable” future-generational plans coming from this group of histrionic, phlegm-flinging lesbians.

    Let’s eliminate all the sperm donors! (*Hooray! Yippee! Applause!*)

    Let’s hear a cheer for a bright future of successive generations of lesbian sisters everywhere, free from males! (*crickets*)

    …at which point someone (obviously immune to the Emperor’s new wardrobe) with more than one simultaneously-working synapse might pause to ponder….”Um, just WHERE will the next ONE generation of Lording-over-it-all lesbians some from, let along ‘successive’ ones?”

    Heresy! Pay no attention to this poor benighted lass, folks! Just sign up here for our monthly newsletter and PAC, providing your credit card and bank account numbers.

    You’e been touched — er, um, we mean — we’ll be in touch…

  • Punky says:

    It’s not “brave of any man” to attend a radical feminist conference. I know many radical feminist men. Feminism is the advocacy of equal treatment of the sexes. …Basic and easy to be on board with, whether you’re male or female. Radical feminism is the same thing, but with an even more deeper-digging analysis at our society (“radical” is used in its original sense to mean “towards the root [cause]”). You’re misrepresenting Lierre’s views. Readers, look at the actual link Jennifer has provided to the video of Lierre. Jennifer argues that Lierre calls for “the abolition of the white race” and “of men.” Clearly, Lierre in the video speaks of the abolition of the CATEGORIES or IDEAS of a “white race” and of “men”. She argues that a better society would not create the social construct of race (which is used to oppress people) or gender (which is used to oppress people). She even DISTINGUISHES sex from gender. You really need make more honest analyses, Jennifer.

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