#NFL: Stand Don’t Kneel For UNITY! But Respect For Country Is Still Bad [VIDEO]

#NFL: Stand Don’t Kneel For UNITY! But Respect For Country Is Still Bad [VIDEO]

When the NFL season started, politics was front and center. Players on every team were taking a knee in support of oppression and it was being touted as a way to shed light on the injustices across the country. However, fans have a long memory and when nearly 200 NFL players took a knee in a childish backlash against President Trump’s comments, fans got mad. Fans knew that kneeling was a statement AGAINST our Flag, the National Anthem, and our Republic.

The reaction to last Sunday’s games was swift and brutal. We wrote about it here, here, and here. Longtime fans have destroyed their team memorabilia, season ticket holders are getting rid of their seats, and Week 3 ticket sales plummeted nearly 18%. Football fans called out the media for their complicity in this, and Roger Goodell for allowing this to happen in the workplace.

The media and the NFL would like everyone to forget that these protests started when the St. Louis Rams were allowed to waltz onto the field protesting criminal thug Michael Brown’s death using the very debunked ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ meme, and Eric Holder applauded them.

Did the Rams get fined? Were they yanked off the field and not allowed to play? No and No. A year later failing quarterback Colin Kaepernick decides that our Flag and our Anthem are oppressive therefore he will take a knee.

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