Clemency Frenzy: Will Obama Pardon Snowden, Manning, Bergdahl?

Clemency Frenzy: Will Obama Pardon Snowden, Manning, Bergdahl?

While his approval numbers with the electorate are upwards of fifty percent—due allegedly to his personal likeability—Barack Obama’s approval numbers with our military and veterans are less…

The Growing VA Scandal

A note to Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki… Mr. Secretary, when you say you are as “mad as hell” that these allegations out of Phoenix of…

Bradley Manning: 35 Years Hard Time

First, I’m disappointed no news source has included that line. It’s practically handed to them. That said, my beloved Jonn over at TAH tells me that the…

Shameful. WikiLeak’s Julian Assange Addresses the UN

In the age of Obama anything can happen, like that cyber-terrorist and common criminal-hacker Julian Assange, speaking before the General Assembly of the United Nations today. And…

Berkeley To Honor Suspected Wikileaks Traitor Bradley Manning

For most Americans, someone who betrays their country and puts the lives of our troops in danger is considered a traitor. In Berkeley, that person — Bradley…

Evidence ties Manning to Wikileak documents outing Afghan informants

Yesterday, I wrote about Wikileaks outing of hundreds of Afghan informants, whose lives are now at stake. Early on in the game, Private Bradley Manning was the…

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