Bradley Manning: 35 Years Hard Time

Bradley Manning: 35 Years Hard Time

First, I’m disappointed no news source has included that line. It’s practically handed to them.

That said, my beloved Jonn over at TAH tells me that the traitorous little punk was sentenced to 35 years incarceration, reduced in rank to E1, and given a dishonorable discharge. Not enough, I say, but the internets are abuzz with outrage that the media darling and poster boy of the left should be penalized at all for sticking it to The Man. HuffPo, to whom I refuse to link, if you’ll pardon the lack of, has this little gem as its headline:

“Bradley Manning Uncovered U.S. Torture, Abuse, Soldiers Laughing As They Killed Innocent Civilians”

I wish I was making this up. To that, I say, “Pound sand, you pathetic excuses for journalists.”

I am not inclined to care entirely too much whether or not people think the government should or should not have secrets or classify information, though frankly, we as citizens do NOT need to know how and what they do at all times. The fact remains that this petulant little fool broke an oath. That may not mean anything to the majority of people, but it does to me.

He did not do what he did out of some sense of patriotism or a need to right wrongs, he broke an oath as a result of a temper tantrum over some guy jilting him. In doing so, he not only endangered the lives of fellow Americans, he broke his word. I could make allegorical remarks about his being not straight, but also not morally straight, but I’ll refrain.

In the end, I do wish him all the best in finding a new boyfriend.

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