#SuperBowl: Five Commercials That Failed [VIDEO]

#SuperBowl: Five Commercials That Failed [VIDEO]

#SuperBowl: Five Commercials That Failed [VIDEO]

We’ve seen some of the best, so now let’s look at some of the worst commercials that this year’s Super Bowl had to offer.

This isn’t going to be pretty. These are the commercials that were either bad, failed to convey their point, or just plain stunk. You make the call.

1) Spam is an acronym now?
This just left me shaking my head.

This commercial missed its mark, its demographic, and pretty much every target goal that a commercial has. It stands out for being dumb.

2) Steven Tyler goes back in time with a Kia
You really have to watch the full commercial to see Steven Tyler turn back the clock with a Kia-powered trip through Uncanny Valley.

This commercial stands out for the creepy factor. We don’t need reminders of just how weird Steven Tyler’s face is now by looking at a CGI-recreated image of a younger Steven Tyler. Pass.

3) T-Mobile: Babies Want Equality, Buy Them A Phone
I do not get the point of this ad.

I get what T-Mobile wanted the point to be. This is supposed to be a social justice statement. But… this is not working. At all.

It’s a bunch of babies from all over the world, all different walks of life, and you want them to be happy. I want them to be happy. We can all agree that these babies deserve the best in life, as do all babies.

Buy T-Mobile.

It’s that … yeah, it’s that last step that I’m having a problem with. Because I agree with the message. Doesn’t matter what you look like, what country you’re from, what your parents do or how much they make, you deserve an equal chance at happiness and prosperity.

And you’re, uh, going to need good, reliable, and affordable phone coverage when you get there, eh? Right? When you’re a prosperous baby, you’ll need a good phone.

Buy T-Mobile.

Even though they’re more or less the same as all the other demon phone companies that would lock you into a usurious contract if the laws allowed it.

But they like babies. And Nirvana? It’s complicated.

The targeted virtue signaling failed, and it’s just deeply weird.

4) An M&M in human form is really Danny DeVito
Speaking of weird…

This is not what I want to think about when I am eating M&M’s.

The “getting hit by a truck” moment was also not well received by the parents in the room. I get the point of the ad, but this was just too weird. Stick with the talking candy, M&M’s.

5) Ram Trucks pays to use a Martin Luther King Jr. sermon
Hands down, this was the commercial that failed the worst.

On every single level, this ad just falls apart. And no one liked it.

Psssst, everyone… this wasn’t Dodge’s ad. Dodge and Ram have been two separate entities for a while now. Make sure you are yelling at the right Twitter account.


And you have to remember, the MLK Jr Estate has control over anything that bears the man’s name or words. So while the family didn’t have input over the ad, the controlling trust that licenses all of King’s speeches was paid for its usage. Ram Trucks pointed this out on their own Twitter feed as the blowback grew.

So, there are plenty of people to be frustrated with here – Ram Trucks, the MLK Estate, the fact that all of the King speeches and sermons are protected by copyright and licensed out, and yes, the King family bears blame because of the contentious legal battles of the King siblings, which has set up the for-profit estate against the non-profit King Center. The Center issued this statement:

But could everyone stop blaming Dodge? This isn’t their commercial, or their fault.

Which commercial did you think was a failure? Did the one you liked the least end up on this list?

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  • rbj says:

    I did like the first Toyota ad, saluting the Paralympic athletes, opening with a baby without lower legs. This is 21st century America, where basically every pregnant woman gets an utlrasound. So a mother has that and sees the handicap, probably is given the full range of options . . . and chooses to bring her daughter into the world despite the handicap.

    Totally inadvertant.

  • harleycowboy says:

    I found the commercials sophomoric at best, juvenile at the worst. Not a damn one of them funny. Sad attempts to be relevant and inspirational.

  • Wfjag says:

    Commercial that really didn’t work: The Budweiser commercial. I’ve just been flooded out by a huge hurricane in Texas, or Florida, or Puerto Rico. I’ve lost everything (except, I hope, my family). Generally, everything is in the crapper. Someone comes along, hands me a can of Bud (in such circumstances, even a Bud Lite will be welcome), and says “Have a beer. See, things are getting better.”
    But, if I pop the tab, and all I get is a drink of water, that may be grounds for justifiable homicide.

    In defense of Ram pickups: Unless your of Baby Boomer, the chances of you having heard of of MLK’s inspiring speeches is nil. What passes for education in Civics and what it means to be an American and how we got here is abysmal. Yeah, it was a trashy use of one of his great speeches. But, that commercial was probably the first time that millions of people had heard it. That’s better than burying his message in silence.

  • Marta Hernandez says:

    I admit it. I’m weird. I LOVED the Danny DeVito M&M ad! I’m giggling at it even now as I type this. LOL!

  • Matthew W says:



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