Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Mimosa, Bloody Mary, nice flute of champagne — or maybe a favorite tipple in your coffee. Make yourself one and join me at our own Algonquin Round Table, the spirit of Dorothy Parker abides.

Happy Sunday, dear friends! Have the crisp notes of Fall found you? Where, even if you aren’t a football fan, you see stadium lights at the local high school on Friday, hear the faint strains of the school band playing in the stands, and smile. Wistful memories to visit when the news is so full of shock and heartbreak. What helps too is an expertly crafted Blood Mary. Sip carefully, a special spicey blend to wake you up right and curl your toes. I’ve had the table filled with some delightful tapas, too. Tuck in while we review some of the absurdities of the past week. ¡Salud!


Who ARE these people?

They certainly aren’t my fellow American citizens. Drunk on nihilism and with no sense of history or humanity, they would be far more at home in some Cabaret in the waning days of the Weimer Republic. Just this time Sally Bowles would be played by Dylan Mulvaney.


Your tax dollars at work in academia

The savage barbarism of Hamas has revealed the berserkers who walk amongst us. And I’m not just talking about the campus Hitler Youth wrapped in Fakeistinian Flags and Arafat keffiyehs marching around in celebration of beheaded Jewish babies.

Oh, believe me, dears. You can bet down to your last profiterole that these neo-Nazi academics are embedded like fat ticks at most major colleges and universities. It is the result of years of Leftism and its tongue-bathing of every anti-Western brute it could find.

These institutions should all be hit hard, square in the endowment.


Woke Victoria’s Secret says “Never mind”.

There was Frederick’s of Hollywood for the more naughty, slutty stuff and there was Victoria’s Secret for the sexy stuff that exuded more fantasy and glam. But in an age when the Woke sneered at anything conventionally sexy because it was discrimination or phobia-du-jour, Vicky’s decided to replace its Angels with an in-your-face surliness exuding from unattractive “models”. And the fans of The Original Thing walked away. Oops.

Lingerie chain Victoria’s Secret is reportedly ditching its woke, feminist makeover of recent years as it hasn’t translated to business success.

Since the brand decided to move away from its “hyper-sexualized” image – as described it in a recent article – Victoria’s Secret has seen a significant revenue drop.

As such, it has looked to revamp itself and bring back “sexiness,” the outlet noted in a piece that was also published by editorial partner CNN on Tuesday.

Cathaleen Chen reported that the brand’s efforts to promote inclusivity – which included making LGBTQ pro women’s soccer player and outspoken leftist Megan Rapinoe, as well as a transgender woman, brand spokesmodels and getting rid of its famous “Angels” supermodels – gained “favorable reviews from online critics [but] never translated into sales.”

Cuz those critics were never interested in the Vicky merchandise to begin with. But they sure had fun destroying it.


Mandy Marcotte’s Magic Vagina

Genetic deadender Marcotte has been scribbling her obsession over Other People’s sex lives for decades now. I do try to ignore the demented dear, but she is such a lovely chewtoy for any adult woman in the room. Certainly we here at Victory Girls have had our fun with her. But sometimes she outdoes herself with self-inflicted hysteria about the Republican-boogey-person under her sleep-number mattress.

Republicans don’t want to just give up on their long-standing dream of using forced childbirth to punish women for having sex.

Oh my, let me pause here. I’ve read that line before and it still causes me to come close to snorting my Mimosa up my nose. Republicans — or, at least, women who confess to being on the starboard side of the good ship politics — report they have better, happier sex lives than their anxious portside shipmates. Since Mandy is particularly vexxed by happily married conservatives who dare to have children, it makes sense that she is doing that One Trick of Making*Sh*t*Up for the column inches. What small motes in non-Woke eyes sent Mad Mandy into a tizzy? One – where some unknown male state legislator said in regards to abortion “A woman has a choice, keep her legs closed.”

Well yes. Enough cringe to cause one to book an emergency appointment with a massage therapist, but I see no lie here. Only someone who flunked basic biology wouldn’t connect sex with pregnancy. And certainly — if abortion stats are to be believed — the vast majority of abortions are done for women who chose to have sex.

The other opinion that has Mandy ranting is “It may be that the day will come when people say the birth-control pill was a mistake.” My answer is, medically the Pill works to prevent pregnancy like nothing ever before and with maximum convenience. It was the Sexual Revolution of the 60s. However, culturally, the consequences haven’t been so great. Old Maid Mandy should view this. But she won’t. Bless her heart.


Your Sunday smile

As the saying goes, heroes don’t always wear capes. Sometimes they wear bus driver uniforms.

A Dallas school bus driver who jumped into action to save a child choking on a penny is being heralded as a hero for her quick thinking.

“I feel like God placed me there for a reason. If I wasn’t there I don’t know what the other driver may have done, I mean I don’t know. I was nervous at the time, I was, I just couldn’t panic. All I said was God help me. Help me save this baby. That’s all I knew,” Dallas Independent School District bus driver Raquel Radford Baker told Fox 4.

Video footage captured Baker quickly rescuing a 7-year-old boy who was choking on the morning of Sept. 29 outside Seagoville North Elementary by performing the Heimlich maneuver, the outlet reported. Baker wasn’t even supposed to be working that day, and was filling in for a coworker, the outlet reported.


Now where did the time go? I swear it was just Friday night and here we are with just the downside of Sunday left of the weekend. Well, dears, gather up some goodies to take with you and enjoy the rest of the day. No stress, no worry as Monday will get here soon enough. See you next Sunday! Cheers!

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