Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Mimosa, Bloody Mary, nice flute of champagne — or maybe a favorite tipple in your coffee. Make yourself one and, as Dorothy Parker once said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by me.”

Another fine Sunday to chat about absurdities that may have been overlooked this past week.

Toxic Ladies of the Left

No worries, dears, we aren’t going to bring up that evergreen grass-over-the-septic-tank soul aka Michelle Obama … VG Lisa covered that sludge yesterday. Sunday is time to reflect on the lesser sludgettes and their noxiousness.

There’s the crybully Taylor Lorenz who hasn’t met any person she could be dissuaded from attacking.

Controversial tech columnist Taylor Lorenz went after her fellow Washington Post colleague Helaine Olen in a scathing tweet on Tuesday.

OH NOES! Whatever sin did Olen commit for Taylor to have a public melt down? Seem Olen had the audacity to write that maybe people who still won’t leave the house because of China-virus-phobia might be a tad too overwrought. Taylor than launched into her best Mrs. Lovejoy impression and screeched why no one was thinking of the immunocompromised!

I wish Lorenz would get another cat or fish or just a life for pity’s sake.

And if Taylor’s tantrums isn’t enough to question the wisdom of the 19th Amendment, the nation’s worst loser peeled out of her Woman King Star Trek costume to make a bald-faced claim

During a recent interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, Stacey Abrams claimed once again that she “never denied” the outcome of the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election, which she lost to Governor Brian Kemp.


What was that about stereotypes?

Hayes, of course, has deleted his tweet, but his anti-white racism rages on! Such a sweet guy.


Payment processers should not presume to be agents of the Ministry of Truth

It looks like convenience is coming back to bite our ankles and reach into our pockets — especially if we dare to indulge in WrongThink

PayPal’s clause about taking users’ funds for a violation of its rules has long been established. But, as published on September 26th and to be effective on November 3rd, 2022, PayPal will add restrictions to its acceptable use policy that go beyond illegal activities and fraud and into the realm of policing speech. (snip)

Big Tech platforms are increasingly finding ways to punish people’s speech under the guise of banning “misinformation,” and making themselves as the arbiters of truth in deciding what is and isn’t true.

This is the metastasizing of Obama’s Operation Choke Point when the Feds pressured banks to stop doing business with legal businesses that the Obama administration frowned upon — i.e. gun dealers, fireworks stores, home-based charities. And while that little exercise of Leftwing fascism closed down in 2017, the lessons were not lost. Fidel Trudeau’s bunched panties over truckers daring to protest had Canadian banks shutting down individuals’ access to their own accounts for even the most minor donation to Justin’s political opposition. PayPal has wielded the ban cudgel (and confiscating the money) of regime dissenters for a while now but their latest change in terms-of-service puts everyone who dares dissent from whatever New Thing PayPal declares sacrosanct in danger having their accounts emptied.

THIS is exactly how a full digital currency society coupled with a “social credit” system as envisioned by BigPlatforms operates. We’d be lucky to only be Václav Havel’s greengrocer.

Close your account today.

UPDATE: Looks like PayPal is feeling the heat of criticism and account closings and is trying the but we really didn’t mean THAT approach. No word yet that they are rescinding the wording that includes “misinformation” as only they get to determine. Their pinky promise about intent is worth less than what comes out of the south end of a north-facing horse.

My account is closed and I will not be opening another.


Pudgy, pink and hateful is no way to go through life, Adam

Michael Medved for years has referred to the Libertarian Party as “Losertarians.” Good for a chuckle or two, what is scary is when the fig leaf is dropped and the no-borders-no-rules corporatists like Adam Posen lash out in full-blown Wokestanian.

When Adam Posen’s BMW breaks down on the side of the road, I hope none of the working class people he so despises stops to fix it. Maybe he can call a fellow Harvard-educated economist. (snip)

the arrogance of someone like Adam Posen reveals the hatred many in his class have for working-class Americans — especially white males.

You might need something stronger than a Mimosa to watch that clip a second time. But it’s very illuminating to watch this overstuffed elitist whose pudgy pink hands have never handled a tool more complex than his electric nose hair clippers talk about low education white males with the kind of dripping contempt and arrogance we usually see from Nancy Pelosi or Barry Obama.

Posen put “globalist” right there on his Twit bio. A member of the WEF, too. Bet you he won’t eating bugs after the Great Reset.


Palate cleanser

Really, dears, this is how you answer Leftcult attacks.


Let me refill your glass and let’s drink to a brighter future for America once we can clean house.


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  • Cameron says:

    Matt Walsh’s rant points out a sad thing in our current culture.

    An apology used to be an expression of remorse. You recognized that you did something wrong and that you regret your actions.

    And then John Kerry came out with “sorry your were offended.” After that, SJWs would swarm anyone apologizing for offending these genetic mistakes because an apology was weakness.

    So now, wise people now realize that apologies mean nothing and stupid people wonder where civility has gone.

  • GWB says:

    I wish Lorenz would get another cat
    Ack, no! More cats would just make her worse. Get a dog, so she can more clearly see how far from goodness she lives.

    Close your account today.
    I plan on it. But how do you get cash out before doing so? I’m not sure if I can without hefty fees.

    This was the right response.
    Hot diggity, it sure is!

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