Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Mimosa, Bloody Mary, nice flute of champagne — or maybe a favorite tipple in your coffee. Make yourself one and join me at our own Algonquin Round Table, the spirit of Dorothy Parker abides.

Oh how I wish spring would finally arrive. Nothing like dressing up in something bright, fun, and comforable, for our Sunday soirees. And today is fun because of this last week the usual weirdness has produced at least a couple laugh-out-loud items. Let me pour the bubbly and let’s get to it.


I’ll take things that never happened for $200, Alex

Unknown actress and Liberal Warrior Queen —- :::snort::: no really, that’s her self-description. Seriously. Can’t you see her facing her bathroom mirror with her cell phone, intoning that phrase over and over …


… ok, over it [wipes mirth tears away] … please, can anyone explain to me why empty Leftwing souls find it necessary to invent things like four-year-old children who stroke their chin and proclaim “Dearest Mother, shouldn’t we rid ourselves of that polluting gas range?” I don’t know which element is more fanciful – that she tipped 40% or that a waitress claimed conservatives were known as the worst tippers … or even that she has friends. Bless her heart.


Monty Python, courtesy phone please

I swear, dears, as I read this I kept looking that the masthead wondering if I stumbled into The Babylon Bee.

Almost two years after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, the jihadists who transitioned from the battlefields to paper-pushing government jobs in the city are ready to quiet quit. (snip)

Researcher Sabawoon Samim interviewed five jihadists who had spent several years of their lives fighting for the Taliban. “They ranged in age from 24 to 32 and had spent between six and 11 years in the Taliban, at different ranks: a Taliban commander, a sniper, a deputy commander and two fighters,” Samim wrote in his report. “Broadly speaking, all of our interviewees preferred their time as fighters in what they considered a jihad.” Now, the men find themselves shackled with the bureaucracy of running a country as they work civilian jobs and security positions, spend too much time in traffic and on Twitter, and yearn for the tranquility of village life.

Oh feel for these guys just pining for the days of wanton killing of apostates and beating women who strayed outside of their homes.

The shift to working within government structures has forced them to adhere to official rules and laws they never faced before. They find ‘clocking in’ for office work tedious and almost unbearable,

Oh the best is yet to come. Read this and tell me you don’t hear these characters speaking in the voices of Eric Idle and Michael Palin — as interviewed by John Cleese:

Huzaifa, a 24 year-old former sniper, said, “The Taliban used to be free of restrictions, but now we sit in one place, behind a desk and a computer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Life’s become so wearisome; you do the same things every day.”

“In our ministry, there’s little work for me to do,” said Abdul Nafi, 25. “Therefore, I spend most of my time on Twitter. We’re connected to speedy Wi-Fi and Internet. Many mujahedin, including me, are addicted to the Internet, especially Twitter.”

There’s more, dears. Let me hold your flute so you don’t snort champagne up your nose. I’ll pour more when you’re finished.


Broken clocks and Andrew Sullivan

You know he’s right …


Another Liberal shocked at getting mugged

Good Liberal Mom™ who happily sent her kid to a progressive school — because who could ever object to diversity and inclusion? — is shocked to find sex games being played in the classroom.

A formerly “woke” Latina mother has engaged in a nearly six-month battle with a Texas public school after a teacher played a game with students asking them to pose as “seducing hookers.” (snip)

“I was a woke committed liberal until this game and school came into my life… seeing how KIPP exploited Latino children, and then how all the progressive politicians and organizations I sought support from didn’t give this issue a time of day…that really gave me an aha moment as to who’s really doing the work needed to stop the sexualization of kids,” Gruber said.

The administration of this school began with the Leftwing level 1 — denying it happened, to level 2 “yeah it happened but the results (sexualization) never occurred.”

This is a charter school is part of the KIPP charter school system that, oh goody, even has a DEI statement on their website.

Another free institution that turns out far more expensive than most parents would guess.


Rejecting being another brick in the wall

The Leftwing juggernaut of capturing K-12 education continues apace. It’s pretty frustrating to know this woman will be ignored.

@kathrynhindy #mnleg #education #crt #minnesota ♬ original sound – Kathryn H

Time to rid ourselves of the Government-Educational Complex.


Your Sunday smile

Silly, lighthearted fun is vitally important to any marriage at any age. If you want a long-lasting marriage, make sure your beloved is your best friend. Trust me, dears, life is so much better with someone who gets your jokes (and vice versa).


There’s some news I wish to share with you next Sunday, dear friends. Until then, Cheers!

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  • GWB says:

    it’s well known that conservatives are the worst tippers
    She has the cause and effect backwards. Rich people who have no reason to pinch pennies or face the consequences of their actions are very good tippers. Rich people who have no reason to face the consequences of their actions are ALSO liberals. (Mostly of the sort who think everyone else should emulate their profligate lifestyle.)

    that’s why she votes blue
    No, she votes Blue because she seems to have an entitlement mentality. I will almost guarantee she doesn’t think she should report her tip income because she “earned it” – unlike everyone else’s income.

    They find ‘clocking in’ for office work tedious and almost unbearable,
    Hey! We have half a generation or so who know EXACTLY how they feel! They yearn for the adventures of youth and disdain working in an office. How about instead of “Learn to code” we tell them “Go show the Taliban how it’s done!” Mama finally has somewhere to send them – and with a glorious purpose to their life, too!
    C’mon, all you SF do-gooders, AntiFa lawyers, and campus radicals! Rise up! You get a free airplane ride (I guarantee a GoFundMe would be successful) and I’m sure they’ll give you free lodging. Don’t forget to pack your bong pipes and all the drugs you can (I hear they have supply chain issues there) take with you, along with any of those books that have been “banned” in Florida.

    A formerly “woke” Latina mother
    And I guarantee she didn’t give up a shred of her Progressivism. And if you don’t totally reform your morals, then that Progressivism will still end up right back here eventually. Because Progressivism promotes hedonism. Period. If you want no-fault divorce and free love and women the same as men and homosexuality embraced, then you can’t avoid getting back here. It’s pretty selfish to want all that hedonism for yourself, but to give your kids hangups about it, don’t you think?

    Those must be rich people in that last video. Look at all that toilet paper! 🙂

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