Students Dead, Biden Offers Condolences

Students Dead, Biden Offers Condolences

Students Dead, Biden Offers Condolences

Some high school students did not return home after their day in a suburb of Detroit yesterday. What does CNN want you to know? That Joe Biden’s heart goes out to those families.

Police said the three slain students at Oxford High School were a 16-year-old boy, and two girls, 14 and 17. Two of the other victims were in surgery Tuesday evening, and the other six were at hospitals in stable condition.

I was informed after the tour. I learned about a school shooting in Michigan. As we learn the full details my heart goes out to the families enduring the unimaginable grief of losing a loved one.”-Joe Biden

You think, Joe?

You gotta know that whole community has to be just in a state of shock right now.”-Joe Biden

Leave it to CNN to attempt to paint Joe Biden as an in-tune up-to-date, compassionate President whose “heart goes out” to family members after the tragic events.

According to this, the suspect, who surrendered, was bullied. The community is rallying behind its grieving members but, of course, news media has to news media:

As the nation’s latest mass shooting draws national media attention, it puts questions of what to do about guns and renews political debates about gun control, violence and school safety.”-The Detroit Free Press

And, of course, there’s this hot take from Tariq Nasheed:

The “Rittenhouse Effect”, he says. Back to Joe because quite honestly, we don’t want to let the bumbling idiot in The White House have a pass. Not today. satan!

His heart “goes out to families”? Did his “heart go out” to families way back in March of 2020 when we all went on lockdown? When students were pulled out of school and parents were forced to stay home because they were told by their employers that there was no way, no how, they were able to pay them to work? Did the Democrats give a rat’s ass then? What about pandemic lockdowns and the increased risk of teen suicides? Any hearts go out about this? Did Joe Biden’s “heart go out” to the parents of Spencer Smith? Don’t know who Spencer Smith is, Joe? He was a high-school sophomore who loved football and teasing his sisters. That was, until his parents found him dead one December morning because remote learning and lockdowns all got to be too much.

The pandemic uniquely impacted adolescents. Social isolation, constant uncertainty, stress, and fear have plagued their lives. According to the CDC, teenage emergency room visits for suicide attempts increased significantly during the pandemic, with a 50% rise in cases in females and almost 4% increase in males.”-Taylor Rosenbaum, M.D., pediatrics resident with Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital

Let’s compound these increasing and alarming stats with the fact that students in some states (Michigan being one of them) did not return to the physical classroom last year until we were well into the school year. Some students remained on remote learning models until the turn of 2021. Tell me, what did this do to students academically, emotionally and socially? Is there a correlation of increased violence in our schools because of these lockdowns and because of the increasingly tense political discord that the Democrats have drummed up? It should come as no shock to anyone that some students come to the classroom packing heat these days. Some are angry at the world.

School violence has risen to levels that we haven’t seen quite frankly. I don’t think it took a genius to see this coming.-Mo Canady, executive director of the National Association of School Resource Officers.

Nope. But the “genius” and his DOCTOR wife (who, apparently, has degrees upon degrees in education) in The White House seem to think all is better when The President tells family members of the deceased that his “heart” is “going out”.

Did Joe Biden’s “heart go out” when we pulled out of Afghanistan and left people behind there? Ahhh, yes. Biden did mourn those lost when that nut job Darrell Brooks barreled a vehicle into innocent parade-goers and participants (some of them children). He condemned the attack, even. Then, he hopped on a jet to Nantucket.

Oh, but they sure sound good, don’t they? And, when you know you have an adoring bunch of media lackeys, you’ll throw around those condolences like confetti.

The left will continue to spin this as a “gun laws” issue. When clearly, this is not a “gun laws” issue. This is a moral issue. This is an issue of decay within a family unit and within the educational system. This is not “The Rittenhouse Effect”. This is not the NRA. This is our administration. This is the result of those who support our administration. And even though Joe Biden is just a senile, old puppet on a string, he is the holder of the highest office in our nation and he should not get a pass.

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  • Cameron says:

    We need someone with actual talent on the teleprompter.

  • Mark says:

    Most of the things I said about Biden’s response to the disappearing story (the Waukesha murders) apply here.[tweet ]
    When I hear her babbling, I think of a number of liberal attacks against conservatives
    This rambling response to Peter Doocy’s question evokes a bit of anti-nostalgia in me where I ask:

    “Our hearts go out,” you say. Every time that any Christian or conservative talks of “thoughts and prayers,” you Democrats do nothing but mock. Therefore, don’t augment your inaction by the further inaction of just saying “our hearts go out.”
    You say “we are all watching.” However, what have you done to prove that? What substantive steps have you taken against the thug who killed 6? I remember that your Representative Nadler suggested bringing Kyle Rittenhouse up on federal charges after a jury found that he defended himself. Do any Democrat leaders have suggestions for this situation?
    Does Joe Biden (#NotMyPresident) have an anti-White or anti-Wisconsin sentiment? When President Bush delayed visiting Louisiana by a day, he was roundly criticized by celebrities and the press. It has been over a week since the people of Waukesha were run down by someone intent on killing as many as possible. It seems like Biden could skip a nap and help the people.
    You say “this time of year.” Are you seriously using a Christian holiday as an excuse for not giving comfort to fellow countrymen and women, you baby-killing group of pretenders?
    You point out that the entourage of multiple carbon-belching SUV’s that Biden drags to his every visit would put a strain on the area. Does that mean that you will never visit an area that doesn’t meet certain qualities? Does that mean that you only travel of Buttigieg’s racist roads?

  • John C. says:

    I don’t know what the local and state laws about obtaining guns are, but according to Federal law, specifically the Gun Control Act of 1968, no one under the age of 21 may purchase a handgun, nor a long gun when under the age of 18. That is to PURCHASE one; the law does not forbid people to GIVE guns to people under 18. From what I have seen, the pistol the shooter used had been bought 4 days prior to the shooting by the shooter’s father. How the shooter got ahold of it has not yet been public. The point is, no conceivable gun control law proposed, nor, obviously, any such laws on the books, could have prevented this. It is possible that the father did not have a way to store it securely, and the shooter took advantage of that, but the father wisely has not said anything about it.

    • 8 USC § 922(x)(1). Sell, deliver, or TRANSFER to a juvenile. Up to one year imprisonment (ten if they can show the transferor had “reason to believe the juvenile planned to commit violence”).

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