Steve Bannon Out at Breitbart, Galaxy Rejoices

Steve Bannon Out at Breitbart, Galaxy Rejoices

Steve Bannon Out at Breitbart, Galaxy Rejoices

There is a Bible verse that comes to mind on days like today, “How are the mighty fallen, and the weapons of war perished!” Steve Bannon, formerly of the Trump Administration, has been fired from the news organization.

The deafening sound you hear is the galaxy rejoicing. Never has a man been so overwhelmingly despised as Mr. Bannon.

Steve Bannon, formerly of many things.

Mr. Bannon is a former documentary filmmaker and the story of how he came to Breitbart is documented by Matthew Boyle of here. He joined the Trump Campaign and drug alt-right innuendo with him. Bannon gets to the White House as Chief Strategist and Counselor to the President of the United States. What rare heights for any one person to climb. He apparently spent his entire time there selling out every member of the President’s family, including President Trump himself, denigrating other Administration officials and telling self-aggrandizing stories. “Sloppy Steve” the hero and the brains of the operation.

To make this nasty tale even worse, “Sloppy Steve” told these fantasy hero stories to Michael Wolff, author of the fiction book “Fire and Fury”. Well done, “Sloppy Steve”.

After leaving the White House, Bannon went back to Breitbart and continued his war on everyone who is not him. He backed the unfortunate, Judge Roy Moore. Now, he has been cut loose from Breitbart. Jake Tapper and crew discussed the news on CNN.

They spoke of the Mercer family. The Mercer family, and more specifically, Rebekah Mercer, funds the Breitbart News Organization. Rebekah Mercer is the hands on member of the family. Miss Mercer is the one who decided that Bannon had to go bye bye. She kicked him to the curb. I imagine it looked something like this.

“You are terminated.”

How the mighty are fallen, indeed. Steve Bannon now has free time to plot his hostile alt-right take over. Or, better yet, to do a little soul searching, maybe take a shower and get a haircut. Oh, and eat a salad.

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