Stephen Green Becomes the First Parish Councillor in the UK with Down Syndrome

Stephen Green Becomes the First Parish Councillor in the UK with Down Syndrome

Stephen Green lives in Nottinghamshire, in England, with his father. He’s 47 years old, and he was recently elected to serve on the Nuthall Parish Council. He also happens to have Down syndrome, making him the first parish councillor in the UK with Down syndrome.

A parish council is similar to a city council. They meet monthly, and have a variety of responsibilities and duties, and are able to increase taxes to raise money if needed.

It was the second time Stephen, from Nutthall, had stood for election to the council after narrowly getting beaten in an election eight years ago.

But when no one else stood for the seat, Stephen was elected to the council.

He said: “I want to help other people in the community I’ve grown up and lived in all my life.

“I stood before at the election so I’m very pleased to be councillor now.

“There will be some challenges but I’ve got a good support network around me.”

This is just an incredible achievement, for Stephen of course, but also for people with Down syndrome all over the world. It just goes to show that with determination, passion, and drive, there is nothing that can hold you back, whatever condition you may have.

And hopefully, Mr. Green’s role as parish councillor will show the world how much people with Down syndrome are capable of. The more people like him come forward and do amazing things, the more those old stereotypes and misconceptions can be smashed.

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  • Grenville Green says:

    Hello Victory Girls

    I am Stephen’s Dad and would like to share with you the following commendation which was sent to Stephen in 1991 from the “Department Of The Navy, US Naval Support Force, Antarctica”
    for services as set forth in the following citation

    “As a participant in the East Midlands “Special Olympics,” you displayed unsurpassed enthusiasm and motivation which resulted in your winning of three gold and two silver medals. Your courage, patience and perseverence has set an example for all to strive for. This was proven again when you attained your goal to swim 90 miles. Truly a noteworthy achievement.
    On behalf of all the Chief Petty Officers at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, we wish to extend to you our sincere congratulations for your OUTSTANDING accomplishments. Keep up the good work and we will all be cheering as you continue to reach your goals. You have shown everyone that no matter what the obstacle, nothing is impossible. Best wishes from the Antarctic Chief Petty Officer’s Association. You are truly a CHAMPION

    Brian P. Willsie

    February 8th 2013, Stephen will be 48 years of age. Just before his 40th birthday, he wanted to learn to play the piano. He now reads music and plays the piano,keyboard and organ.
    If you Google “Stephen Green 1965” you can see his videos which his amazing piano teacher has posted.

    Best Wishes To You All
    Grenville Green

  • Grenville Green says:

    27th February 2013, the NUS (National Union of Students) invited Stephen to address them at their Gala Dinner, in Manchester England. This disabled students union were curious as to how Stephen had made the break through into local politics.

    Comedian and once child actor Francesca Martinez, who has cerebral Palsy, was also invited to share her experience as to how she dealt with her disability.

    I am still playing catch up with Technology. It’s an age thing!
    BBC TV Sunday Politics Video Link ;-

    Sunday Politics East Midlands S2E07 – Disability –
    YouTube 8:00 Feb 2013 – 8 min – Uploaded by sundaypoliticsem

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